#102 The Deeper Meaning

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief message for us today?

Do not get caught by what you may perceive is going on around you, but investigate for the deeper meaning. The deeper meaning must relate to you and your journey, no matter what you are presented with. In the context of life, and presentation of life by others, must you continually ask the self for clarification and meaning relating to your journey. Keep the ego aside. Keep the desires aside. Keep the big baby quiet, and seek real meaning for yourself.

Your inner knowing will give you the answers though they may only be whispered, or difficult to decipher in the scrambled mix of inner chatter. Clear your own channel to yourself and allow the deeper meaning to become clear. Dig deeply. Take the shovel of your own curiosity and your own desire for inner knowing and dig deeply in the quiet of the self. All others around you must be placed upon the edge of your world, their needs, and desires, and problems on the periphery as you take your spade and quietly, with focused attention, dig a channel to your inner self and your deepest knowing. Here will you begin to hear, and to perceive, the meaning of all that relates to you in your life and on your journey.

Today is a good day for this contemplation. Allow for personal quiet and time of individual perception to be your focus for at least part of your day, or your evening. Withdraw with you shovel, and begin to dig deeper now. This is good, for what you discover may amaze you, or it may trouble you, or it may change your path abruptly, but no matter what treasure you dig up will it be the right gift to give yourself. Dig deeper for meaning in your life today. Examine everything you discover as if it had never been unearthed before, put it aside, and dig the next artifact of who you are, and seek the meaning of it, and so on. The excavation of the self is an extremely important aspect of growth. Do not deny this fact, but give it as a gift to your self. Pick a sturdy shovel and begin!