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Thought You Might Like to Watch This!

Dear Readers of Jeanne’s Messages,

I thought this amazing account of a person who experiences herself as total energy might be interesting to those of you who have been reading and studying Jeanne’s messages. It is what Jeanne is talking about, what she is trying to teach us: that we are all energy, and that we can access it by our intent. In fact, when I channel I am in a state of left brain shut down, no ego in the way, at least during those moments. Deep trance work can get you to a similar state, hypnosis, meditation, etc., if you can allow your self to surrender to the experience, detaching from the chatter in your mind. This woman didn’t have a choice, she was forced to surrender, but she did it so exquisitely, and of course she went about as far as you can go and still return. I would say that as a result of her awareness of her situation she now has found her purpose in life. Pretty neat, and it’s very enlightening.

Thanks to Pat for making me aware of it. I hope you enjoy it!

A New Link & A Good Book to Read on a Snowy Day

Dear Readers of Jeanne’s Messages and Fellow Journeyers,

We have added a link to our website that we consider to be in keeping with an evolutionary journey. The Other Yoga/Union Yoga offers classes in Svaroopa® Yoga and a very unique body-oriented therapy called Embodyment® Therapy. Check them out by clicking on the Links button in the top menu bar.

Today is a cold and snowy day in the Northeast. If you haven’t read The Book of Us yet, you might like to snuggle up with this good book as the snow piles up outside. The free PDF file is available by clicking on our Store button in the top menu bar. The PDF file can be read on screen, or printed, if you prefer that method. The Book of Us chronicles the 30-year relationship between Chuck and Jeanne Ketchel and the journey they took together in this world. That journey is followed by channeled messages from Jeanne relating her experiences in dying, discovery of how her new life as pure energy works, and how she reconnected to this world.

We continue to offer you the guidance we receive from this most gracious and enlightening source, and we invite and urge you to help spread these messages, and The Book of Us, in whatever way feels most appropriate to you. As Jeanne instructs in her message of today, it is possible for a shift in consciousness to take place if we dare to speak out.

I will continue to channel and send these messages out into the world for as long as I am able. That is my commitment to aiding in this evolutionary shift that is so badly needed. By passing along these messages you are helping me, and Jeanne, and her group, in this effort that is so necessary. Thank you so much for your participation in this endeavor.

My Warmest Regards to All of You,
Jan Ketchel

Our Last Message for 2007

Dear Readers and Journeyers,

Today’s message, #216, is the last message we will post for this year. The next message will be channeled and posted on January 1, 2008.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding some new things to our website, continuing with our intent to maintain a site that is totally available, without commercial attachment or gain. Although we need to make a living and be prosperous, as everyone does, supporting not only ourselves but our college student children, we have made the decision that this website will not be part of that aspect of our lives. In keeping with this mission we continue to offer The Book of Us as a free download, and will do so in the future as well, because in the world we now live it’s time to advance evolution over profit. We will not withhold anything that may be of value to anyone as they make their way through life.

The Book of Us is the story of a partnership between two people who assumed total responsibility for the choices they made in life. Many useful psychological dynamics, for individuals and couples, are interpreted and explained in easily understood terms. The process of evolving from a physical being in this world to an energetic entity in infinity is fully explored in this work. Finally, the process of becoming a channel to life beyond this world while still in the human form is described through Jan’s relationship with Jeanne. The true meaning of “Everything is Possible” and “All Worlds are One World” is the essence of The Book of Us.

We wish you all a very happy and spiritually prosperous New Year.

With warmest regards,

Jan and Chuck

The Archives Have Been Updated

Dear Readers & Journeyers,

Please note that the Archives have been updated so that all of the original Messages to Humanity, previously circulated through an e-mail list beginning in December 2006, have now been transferred to the website. Today’s message refers to a breathing practice orginally described in a message from June 2007, available through the archives.

In addition, we continue to offer The Book of Us as a free download on the Store page of this website until January 8, 2008. Thereafter, it will continue to be available for a minimal fee.

Thank you so much for the feedback on the book, the messages, and the website in general. We offer all of this to you as our own contribution to promoting an evolutionary life.

With warmest regards,

Chuck and Jan

Free Download: The Book of Us

We continue to invite all of our readers to download The Book of Us, offered for free, on the Store page of this website. In addition, we wish to express out deepest gratitude to all who have e-mailed, sharing the profound impact this book is having on their lives. We invite you all to send your honest reactions upon reading The Book of Us, and greatly appreciate being advised of any grammatical, editorial, or technical mishaps you might notice.

Chuck Ketchel and Jan Ketchel