#51 Take Off Your Old Winter Coat

Dear Jeanne,
What would you like to discuss today?

Unencumber yourselves of what you believe you must do and focus instead on the leanings of the heart, of the spirit, and the need of this aspect of yourself to seek calm in order for growth. Growth will not happen as speedily as it should if you remain bound to old ways, in spite of the fact that you stand now in the flow of energy that is fully capable of aiding in your growth. Do you not feel the stream running past your legs and bubbling over your feet? Do you not feel the cool water soothing your weary bones? Do you not also feel the energy of it urging you to walk now in its flow and discover what lies ahead waiting for you?

Let your bare feet lead you. Let your raw spirit be your guide. Disregard the old burdens upon your shoulders, for they are but your old musty winter garments that you no longer need. Time now to lay those upon the shore, spread them in the sun if you desire, but know that you will not come by this way again and they are no longer necessary in the future you are going into. Feel the freedom of unencumbering yourself of those soggy old garments. Are your shoulders not lightened, and your head too, as you remove from you the things of old that have kept you bound?

Regret nothing, for you have nothing to regret. You live and play the game of life, and every step, every move, every throw of the dice is part of learning to play the game. The game now goes into the water, the babbling brook where the energy of this tiny rivulet leads to a larger body of water soon to be encountered and this you must be ready for. Consider that this time now, of dabbling in the resonant energy, the stream you have stepped into, is a time of preparation. And what must you do when you prepare for something new? Discard the old, of course!

Circumvent not your duties and your responsibilities, that is not what I advocate at all. Do not disrespect, or become callous, or leave others, who you have duties to, unprepared for the change in you. But do prepare everything, including the people in your lives, for the changes in you that will affect all of them. Stay in your truth at all times, speak it, do not deny it, but also behold your duties to others, and your consideration of them and where they also now stand, as you begin to make your changes. Your changes will affect others, have no doubt about this, but you know how to present yourself now, from your center, from your balance, and your calm, and when you speak from this place will your voice speak only truthfully, with care, and with insight, that those in your life will understand is the real you.

Do not unburden upon others either. For this is not right, nor is it how problems should be addressed. You are responsible for all of your burdens, even if they involve relationships with others, for you are equally responsible for engaging in a relationship as the other is. You are totally liable for all of your mistakes and all of your interactions and all of your relational dilemmas. Take responsibility for every action you have ever taken, and be pure now in your understanding of life, and that we are all guilty of every sin and every unkindness and every belief that we hold against others. Allow the waters of your stream, your rivulet, to cleanse you of the burdens of the horrors of your past, your mistakes, your grave disregard of others, your need to hold them responsible for that which you willingly partook in. Absolve yourself and them, and begin to allow the grimy dust of the past to slough off in the flowing waters so that you may step forward now fully knowing that you are nothing, you are empty, your ego deflated and unnecessary, and that only your clean feet and your true spirit are necessary for your journey ahead.

You may need to stand there a while as you unburden, but this is a good place to stand. The flow of energy will take, and give to you, as you do your work. It will wash away your sins, your ego-inflated self, and it will fill you with new energy. It takes and it offers. It cleanses, so that your truth may shine, and your clarity become as crystal clear as the waters once your burdens have washed away. Stand as long as you need in this spot now, and determine your job of unburdening yourself of your encumbrances. Do you see what you must do? One item at a time now, remove it from your spirit and drop it into the rivulet and watch it slowly disappear as it is, bit by bit, disassembled by the flow and taken apart as you observe and partake in seeing it for what it truly is. Once that burden is disassembled and gone, like grains of sand, put down your next burden of truth and watch it too dissipate in the energy and flow from you. These burdens contain your truths, but they are your old truths, not your new truths, but they must be fully discovered before you can move on into your new truths, otherwise they will remain as burdens, and you will never be able to leave them behind, though you may desire to.

Your burdens are your truths, but your unburdening will also reveal your truth, your emptiness, which is your greater truth, for it is your spirit unburdened and set free to learn the game of life with new knowledge and new rules now. And the game of life will expand into a much larger playing board as you discover that it does not exist inside a box, set with rules dictated by others, but that it exists in your own reality with new rules set by you, for you are free to play your game of life as you wish now, once you have learned the lessons of the old game of life and no longer need to keep learning them over and over again.

So, step out of your old winter coat, empty your pockets, discover what you must, feel its old worn fabric and love how it has protected you and kept you warm and brought you thus far in your life. Bid it fondly goodbye now, and put it aside without fear or regret, for you will not need that old coat again. It has done its job, and done it well indeed. Thank it for its service and its care of you, but also set it free from you too, so that it may rest now and allow the sun’s warmth to fill it and take it into its own new life, wherever that may be. Your past is your past, so let it rest there after you have understood it fully and taken full responsibility for your part in it, knowing that you did what you had to do in order to get where you are now, and all of it was good for your growth. Look where you are now! On the verge of new life! What could be better than that!

So, my dears, my good traveling companions, be brave and caring of yourselves and all who are around you. Stay in your truth at all times and you will do well.

#50 Resonance: The Energetic Solution

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Look for an energetic solution to all of life, and all of life’s problems that seem to haunt you. There is no other outlook that will aid you in discovering your real purpose for life now upon that earth than the seeking of your own resonance as it relates to energy around you. As I have earlier spoken of seeking resonance in the energy that now swirls upon that earth, so do I now speak again, in more detail, so that you understand my meaning and the concept of resonance as it refers to your growth.

Energy is everything. Everything is energy. This I have spoken of often. Your own energy is particular to you and you alone, yet are there similar strains of it to be found elsewhere in your universe. This is resonance. Yet, must you learn to recognize them, appreciate them, and understand that this is where you need to put your attention, following the resonance that appeals to you and will promote your growth.

I do not advocate rushing into anything. This you know. I have spoke often now of contemplation and taking time to seek deeper meaning in everything you undertake. I realize this may seem to be difficult, or even impractical, now during this time of energetic reality that pushes and entices you to join in its flow. But, you are not going to just jump in to the turmoil of it. This too we have talked about. It is not the time to be foolhardy or daring simply because the energy is pulling at you. Now you have learned a few things, new things, about life, about energy, and about your self. You have gotten beyond the critical verge, the edge, and stepped into a new reality with the guidance you have been offered. You are on a new kind of journey.

This journey, in order to be fully experienced, must be take with a new wise knowing, and a new sense of self as energy, residing in energy. You are perhaps more at risk than ever before to do something wrong or unworthy of you and your new place. But, if you slow down and feel the energy, accept the knowledge of your own energy, and seek only to interact with your resonant energy, then will you find your way correctly.

Seek to understand first your own energy. Test its resonance in the world around you. Become as a beacon, a light, shining around, and discover where your light intercepts other light of similar resonance. Not all light, energy that you intercept will be right for you. Not all energy will resonate. This you may already know in concept, but have you tested it yet? Have you allowed yourself the truth of this knowing? Do you resonate with the people in your life? Do you accept the answer you get when you ask this question?

You will not find happiness, or complementation, or fulfillment, or meaning in that life until you face the truth of your own energy and the resonant quality of it in others. Seek this in the energy around you now. The energy is alive, vibrant, and full of potential. Your own spirit too is full of these qualities, but you must allow it the freedom to seek resonance in what life offers in order to become fully present, alive, useful, and capable of interacting meaningfully and with complete confidence. Your job now is to acquiesce, not to the energy, but to your own spirit energy, and seek reciprocal energy that resonates with your own. This is your greatest challenge now. To put aside your old notions of who you are, what you think, what you need, and where you should be in your life, and open up to your energy in its purest state is what is now expected of you if you are to tap into the resonant energy that exists all around you.

Sit quietly each day as you have trained yourself now. Find your center and your balance, but also now find your energy vibration. Find your deepest self, and allow it to guide you so that your next steps in life, your next choices, your next moves become guided by this energy, from this place inside you. Send out this beacon of spirit energy into the world, shine it upon your choices, and await resonance, vibrating back to you at the same resonance, the same frequency, and you will know you are making a correct move. You will feel perfectly calm and balanced, yet will you also feel fulfilled and warmed by the prospect of sharing in this new resonant energy that matches your own.

Your discovery of your own resonance is your first job. Once you have this firmly established, acknowledged truthfully, and because you have done your inner work, and stabilized you energy, then can you begin to seek your resonance in the energy that is life around you. Work first on yourself, seeking this energetic solution. Take your time, so that you know who you truly are, and what you are truly capable of before you attempt to engage outside energy.

Once you are ready, the outside energy you discover and seek to engage may be in any form, friends, jobs, enjoyment, new engagements or activities, but the key is going to be to recognize spirit connection, resonance. Take your time. You have already decided to take a journey of sorts, whether you are fully committed or not you are in the flow of energy, and it is available to you. Engage it when you feel ready, test it carefully, and if you do not feel right, if the resonance is not perfect, then pull back and give yourself a pat on the back for your bravery in testing and not getting sucked in. Stay firmly centered in your spirit energy and this will help maintain your stability, your sobriety, and your care of the self at all times.

As I said previously, this is not a time to abandon the self to the energy. It is a time to carefully seek resonance in energy, and then, when you find your match go for it, and you will flow nicely with much growth to be expected. Even if you get caught up in something that appeals to you, but ultimately reveals itself as being the wrong energy strain, so can you remove yourself from it with all of this knowledge, and all of this truth that you are paying attention to now, from this new place that you have worked yourself forward to. You have placed yourself in a good position. Time to test the waters? Only you will know for sure. See what happens!

#49 Learn What Energy is Capable Of

Dear Jeanne,
I feel like you want to talk about the energy again and how we should approach it. Is this your focus today?

Yes, but I also speak with a warning against abandoning yourselves to it, to the power of the energy. You would not throw yourself into a swirling vortex, would you? You would not leap into a swirling, choppy river offering only certain death, would you? Well, consider the energy around you as powerful and violent if you do not approach it with care and with concern for your wellbeing. It can capture you unaware, and drag you into its fury if you are not careful. But, it also has the power to take you far on your journey if you take your time and prepare yourself well. Acknowledge its power, at all times remain aware of it, and consider each step you take, each act upon your journey with this in mind.

I requested that you look for resonance in the energy, your personal resonance, so that your movement into the flow would be right for you. This I continue to advise. Be thoughtful, be calm, and be always attentive to what is pulling at you, or pushing you, so that your choices in life may be wise ones.

I have concern that many may simply abandon themselves to the energy, and that is not a good idea. I propose, that the best method will also need much work, and will require that you proceed slowly, with deep contemplation, so that your steps are correct, and your endeavors fruitful. I realize that it may take some experimentation; that you may have to experience what the energy is capable of doing to you first, before you understand my concerns. You may notice that you continue to be caught in old habits, or you are slow to get out of a difficulty you find yourself in. This may be not only your own inability to change, but also the energy teasing you and keeping you caught, in essence holding you under its power, until you realize where you are and what you have been consumed by. Clarity will eventually come, and when it does, when your head has cleared, look at your recent mistakes with hindsight and intelligence, and learn what the energy is capable of, so that you will recognize it when you are on the verge of repeating a similar loss of self-power.

Back to the idea of finding your resonance, even in this powerful energy that now surrounds you. There is no going back now. This you must keep in mind. The energy is around you and you are in it. Have no doubt about this. But, as always, the choice is yours, of whether you wish to engage it for your growth, or lay back a little longer. You will be affected by it no matter which choice you make. But, as I began this message by being concerned about abandoning yourself to the energy, I wish to return to talking about your responsibility to remain as a mature, deeply contemplative individual as you proceed on your journey.

As you look for resonance in your life now is it advisable to do so from your place of calm and not from your place of eagerness. Eagerness is good, but calm is better. Eagerness will inevitably result in a few mistakes, but calm will lead you correctly to make the right steps. Be concerned about your direction, and look always for resonance of spirit as you proceed, this is how you will have success.

Leave aside now more of your old habits so that you have fewer barbs for the energy to catch upon and your entry into it will be smoother. You want to remain clearheaded at all times, calm, and deeply thoughtful about every move you make, reading the signs, and feeling your own resonant energy to guide you correctly.

I do not advocate rushing into anything, but I do advocate being daring. These are two different concepts. One, the rushing ahead, is laced with abandon, and reckless, unplanned action. Daring is an attribute that is a highly prized quality that, if utilized well, will aid you as you go forward in your life, knowing by your calm centeredness when it is appropriate to be daring and when it is foolhardy to be so.

So, today, please study your own life, your own situation and see if you are working from a place of thoughtful centeredness, or are you being a bit lazy and not staying focused, allowing yourself to be dragged along without being in control. Open your eyes, but also open your spirit a little bit more, and allow it to guide you to recognize the resonant energy that will speak directly to you and lead you properly. You want your journey to be flowing don’t you? Well, as always, it’s up to you, but I can point out a few things that might help you along the way. That’s all; I’m just helping you along the way.

#48 Encrustment

Dear Jeanne,
I keep hearing the word encrustment. Is that what you want to talk about today? What do you mean by it?

You will not have success accessing the energy and dipping your wholeness into the flow as long as you remain trapped in your encrustment of old. To enter the energy flow must you achieve a semblance of fluidity. In order to tap into your resonant energy flow that is now swirling upon that earth must you meet it with equal flow. Otherwise, your attempts to fully engage in its power will falter.

I know this is a time of great confrontation and change. I know that many are being dared, not only because of my encouragement, but because of the reality of life, to make great shifts in their lives. In order to do so smoothly and be available to access the energy that will carry you forward must you make a concerted effort to disengage from old ways, snap yourself free of your old shells of protection and denial, and step forward, freed of those old encrustments, so that your entry into life can happen differently now.

To stay bound, whether it be to a mental construct, a physical construct, a societal construct, or a construct originally placed upon you in your unknowing, does not matter. What does matter is that you have become supremely aware of such a construct, and now are you becoming aware of the need to dismantle it. For you have begun to learn and to experience a greater dimension beyond the normal constructs, a new view of life, and a deeper view of spirit, and the possibilities that life in its many layers holds for you. You have discovered that life is much more than you have been taught. Aside from what you’ve learned as a child and through your youth and into adulthood have you also taken upon your shoulders many other burdens, or constructs, that have ruled your life and kept you encapsulated in old ways that are no longer applicable to your new life and your new intentions.

Encrustments can be broken, peeled away, and discarded, that is the beauty of them. They are not really that difficult to remove once you decide to take them off you. Your ability to make the decision has been honed now, and it is just your reluctance that holds you back, from cracking, on the inside, the shell that holds you from your true self, your true energy, and your true abilities.

As the energy invites, so do I know you desire its company in your life. I know you are eager to engage it, and I also know how difficult it is to leave old ways and old comforts. Did I not have to do such a thing myself when I left that earth? I resided quite fiercely in a worn, depleted body, yet did I fight to remain in it, even though it had done all it could for me. I did not want to leave it, though it could no longer help me, nor could it offer any growth. To throw aside that encrustment and escape into pure energy was my own supreme challenge.

You are not at such a place yet, I hope, but you are surely at a place of growth, and that is what you must look forward to. Reluctance is but an old technique, an old habit. That too I learned, for in my release did I find energy, more than enough to take me forward. The energy now awaiting your own energy is of this sort, energy that is helpful, guiding, and prepared for your growth.

Give up your fears, your reluctance, your old habits of holding yourself in, and exude now release, and accept the possibility of energetic growth. Do what you personally need to do to chip and crack away at your encasement, even as the seeds in the ground and the buds on the trees do also need to crack through the encasement that holds them protected. But now is the protection no longer necessary. The only thing that can happen now is growth. It is inevitable.

So, as you have contemplated your situation, and begun to feel the energy around you over the past few days, have you not also wished to release yourself from your physical and mental woes, the constructs of old habits that hold you so tight and inhibit your growth? Do you not wish to find the key to your own release? It resides only inside you, and you alone. But, you are being offered guidance, and good advice to lead you forward to new life on many levels. But, it is up to you. The daring and the bravery both must come from you, to truly burst forth from your encasement and fully experience the energy of growth and evolution.

The buds upon the trees and bushes know that they cannot halt their growth. They know the inevitability of life’s energy and the force of nature that will bring them forth into wholeness, into their new form, their future selves. They do not have the power to resist such energy, nor do they wish to, for they flow in the energy of life at its most basic and beautiful. You too have access to this life force of nature. You too are a creature, a bud, an aspect of nature that is fully capable of going with the flow of energy.

Continue to feel this energy. Find your ability inside you to release yourself from your encasement, and become as the tiny bud, the seed, eager to burst forth and find what new form you are capable of. This is all about growth you know. Life is about growth. Why do you hesitate? It is inevitable. Now is as good a time as ever, and by that I mean, that it is truly the best time ever to go with the flow, and grow.

#47 Energy Song

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today and all who are making decisions to step into the energy of change as you have dared us?

I want you to feel the energy. I want you to not only take my word for it that it exists, but I want you to experience it, first hand, so that you understand what I am speaking of when I speak of the power of this energy now upon that earth.

There is really no better way than to experience it in your calm place of balance. It is vibrant energy, able to be felt physically, as well as psychically. Your own personal energy, your spirit energy, is alive with it, and this you can tap into as you center yourself.

Take the time now to meditate in calmness. Isolate yourself as often as possible and give yourself permission to sit in the energy flow and feel it as it swirls around and through you. This is very possible, especially if you recall my earlier message regarding the energy of your spirit being like water, and your physical self also being as nothing but oxygen and molecules in action. You are but pure energy, so of course you can feel energy.

Become pure vibratory energy. In your calm center find you spirit vibration and bring it to a place of awareness so that you will feel the energy that is now around you as more vibrant still, more forceful, and felt as pressing lightly against your own energy, urging you, pushing you, and guiding you. If you acknowledge the feel of it, then will you also be able to tap into it and allow it to take you forward on your journey, the only fuel you need.

Find your own vibratory resonance in this flow and you will find a good match for your personal energy body. This resonance, this personal match will be your guide and you will know that you are on the right track by the feel of this responding energy as it hums and sings to match your own spirit song.

Energy hums and sings; though you may not hear it with your ears your spirit will recognize it and know when it has met its perfect match. This will happen only if you stay in your center long enough to know well your own personal energy song. You may already know it well, or you may have had glimpses of it, or you may have not yet felt it clearly, but it does exist, and you will know it, recognize it, and desire more of it once you realize that it is your truth, your calm, and your balance and that it desires connection to you as well.

So, this energy balance is the next thing to cultivate from your place of calm physical and spiritual balance that you have been learning. Try to find this over the next few days and see if you can feel that great energy of change flowing around you, even as you can feel air and water flowing around you, and the whisper of your own knowing. Go deeper now and become pure energy in your meditation. You do not have to go anywhere with it. Just find it and feel it in you, and then find and feel it outside of you. This is good practice. For in the future will you need this understanding of energy in order to proceed on your journey into newness and to learn to trust that energy is life, and energy is all that matters, both on that earth and elsewhere. For energy affects everything, but how can you understand this if you do not experience first your own energy and then the energy around you? See where this takes you!

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR