Soulbyte for Friday July 24, 2015

Respect all beings for the life they have chosen, for the plans made long before birth to take the journey now unfolding. All beings come into the world equipped with all they need, prepared to face the challenges they have posed to themselves. Knowing this, find the strength and compassion to step out of the way and let them proceed, for this life is their soul’s necessity.

Know this too about the self. You came into this life to have certain experiences, to learn specific lessons, to gain awareness, to chart a life of advancement. Such advancement is afforded all beings, though the route taken is individually laid out and unique. Such advancement is earned, learned, and gained by the experiences that life affords.

With compassion and respect view the self and others, knowing that life’s challenges are prescribed as prefect evolutionary practices. Honor those challenging practices, for they are the desires of the soul, the deepest search for evolution, for awareness, for eternal enlightenment. All journeys have this at their core, even yours!

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