#75 Put on Your Sturdy Hiking Boots

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance to offer us all today?

Unearth now your traveling shoes, your hearty solid-soled hiking boots and make ready for the time of culmination. In sturdy wear are you best prepared, comfortable, and secure in your knowing, shored up by the proper attire. Your way now will become clearer as you traverse the terrain that is your life. But, preparation is key to success, and the knowledge that rugged paths and consternate weather are to be expected will aid you as you prepare. Guard yourself against too many difficulties by preparing well.

If you are to set out on a long hike, exposing yourself to all of nature, carrying your home and your health upon your back, must you be practical and use plenty of common sense, but also keen awareness, and also have a few quick tips ready, should the need to be resourceful arise suddenly. Prepare yourself for life in this manner. In reality, is life no different from a hike into the peaks of your own journey, through your existence on earth. Your path may wind high into the mountains, down into the valleys, across the woods and fields, and through streams, over seas and rivers and all manner of terrain. Inclement weather will arise, insects will bite, food may be scarce, and water must be protected and coveted. You are responsible for your safety and your speed of travel when you depend solely upon your own two feet, your back as carrier, and your foresight and insight as guide.

Take on your life now in this manner as you go forth on your path into the wilderness that is your life upon that earth. Expect adventure and thrills and you will have it. Sit at home and take off your shoes as you sit by the TV and you will have nothing but fat laziness as your companion. Do not be so afraid of life. Do not be so scared of adventure. Do not hide any longer in the safety of your comforts and your old habits, but instead take up your backpack and go on the adventure that awaits, that knocks at your door, and that tugs at your heartstrings.

Now is the time to take up the staff of a journeyer. Now is the time to taste the good free air, breathing in the fragrances of true life, and allowing it to fill your lungs with desire for true growth of spirit. I am not advocating running from your life. You know I speak metaphorically, but you also know that I mean what I say. And now is the time to get up off the couch of life, you potatoes, and become instead as a seedling that is planted inside you, waiting for you to nurture it and give it new life.

Find your resonance, find the direction your spirit seeks to grow in and allow your roots to plant, and your green leaves to seek sunlight, as you dare to venture forth out of darkness into new life. Your seeds await your tending. Take them into the pocket of your knowing, sprinkle them liberally with love, and plenty of awareness, and carry them forward with you on your journey. Each step of the way, remind yourself to tend them. Check how they are doing, feed them, and speak to them, those seeds of your soul, and allow them to direct your progress, even as you direct theirs.

For you are well prepared for a journey into the wilds of your spirit potential. You have everything you need within you. Your seeds are well planted, offering you always focus on spirit growth as you go, allowing you to look forward each day to observing and feeling the progress of your growth. Now is the time to gather your belongings of spirit travel, and begin your journey. Each day will you become stronger as you traverse the path before you. Your strength will increase, your spirit excitement invigorate you, and your experiences prove to you that now is truly the right time for action and change.

The truth is in the experiences you will have. Become self-sustaining in your deepest spiritual self, and you will begin to know your own deepest strengths. Become aware of your talents, and your maturity, as you progress. But most of all, become aware, fully alert, looking at life around you differently now, so that you don’t miss the succulent berries along the way, and the moist drops of dew to wet your lips, and the shady spots of refuge to rest your head. Life awaits you differently now. Spirit life, as your guide, awaits your participation. Aren’t you ready now? Even if you feel but only partially prepared, go a little way along your new path, and see what happens, what comes along to guide and protect you, what presents itself as true and correct help along the way.

We have spent now many, many weeks discussing your own spirit power, the strength of its desire to lead you. Know that it will be a wonderful leader. Know that it will take you where you need to go, to fulfill all that you must fulfill in that life. It will present you with much that you must determine, must choose, and must ponder. But in your resonance, which you now properly understand, can you choose with a greater awareness than ever before.

Do not be so afraid of life! It offers but possibility for growth and for adventure. And your spirit knows this, desires this, and urges you to pay attention to its urgings. For life is meant to be lived, with full spirit awareness, spirit driven, and spirit intent as your guides.

Go take up your backpack. Take with you your new tools of awareness and the budding seeds of your spirit potential. Put on your sturdy hiking boots, first knocking off the dried mud of old journeys, and put your feet into the comfortable knowing of your own ability to guide, and dare yourself to take an adventure. Go forward now. Do not look back, for nothing lies there, except the things that you have already experienced. Look at them clearly when they catch up to you. For they will. They will seek to distract you from your forward focus, running up behind you on the path, tapping you on the shoulder, and asking for your attention. Do not be fooled, or full of pity for them, but be firm in your intentions. Tell them they are to retreat from your presence now. Look them clearly in the eyes, know what they once meant to you, take the clarity of this knowledge as lessons of life into your knowing, and turn your back upon them, with full freedom from their inclinations to draw you away from your new life.

Focus forward. Deal with issues that arrive, succinctly, and with full knowing that the past is past, the future awaits, and now is the place of all meaning as you learn your lessons of spirit, of awareness of knowing, and clarity of vision.

Give yourself these gifts now, so that your journey may begin. You are well prepared and properly trained. This I know, and expect you to dare to test and trust. And one more thing, go forward now with wide open trust that everything is possible, and believe me, it really is!

#74 Ultimate Wholeness and the Importance of This Life

Dear Jeanne,
In addition to your usual daily guidance would you speak to us today of the experience you had of converging with your past lives and joining in your wholeness? Can you offer advice on how we can both experience and benefit from that possibility, now, while still here in this present life? Many people have explored past lives, but how can we learn to utilize what we learn from previous life experiences? Is it possible to experience the wholeness of our soul now? What does that wholeness mean for us, in our everyday world? What is the best way to use such knowledge?

I will gladly answer those questions you ask of me today, but first I must stress that life on earth is meant to be lived fully and wholly, for itself, now, and it is meant for you to grow from it. This I have been offering guidance on so you come to a full understanding of your place now, that life you live now, and this must continue to be your first focus. For without understanding of the present self, will there be no complete understanding of the wholeness of the self.

That being said, I do advise that, over the next few days, attention be paid to the energy that will seek to disturb and disrupt the good progress now being made. Institute firm resolve to maintain your path, your balance, and your calm, for energy does exist that seeks to pull you from your straight and sober road to development, and feed off your energy while you are unaware.

Notice that, if you sway even slightly from your path, so are you still alert now to energy that disrupts you, for your awareness is keen. This is felt in restlessness, in faulty sleep, and in uncomfortable feelings during your waking hours. You may feel tugged at, pulled at, teased by outside influences better left untouched. Those pulls are the attractions of entities that wish for fulfilling satiation from your energy. If you make it available, do you offer them a feast.

Hold yourself accountable for every action and decision you make. Do not hold others to task for what you do, and must do, in your own life. No one else is responsible for you and your growth, except you. And likewise, no one is responsible for your failure to grow, except you either. Take your focus off others now. Do not blame or find fault in others, for others do not live your life, only you do. Only you are responsible for you. Only you are in charge. To place blame on others is to fall from your path, as much as any other indulgence, for it does not serve your growth, and leaves you available for disturbances from your own big baby, and also from outside energy seekers.

So, stay firmly on your path. Focus on your own problems and your own ego centered diversions. Remain in your calmly centered balance, and pay attention to your own deepest truths. Focusing on accepting these personal truths, and working toward another step being taken in your evolution are good counter activities to take during this energetic time that now is upon you. A time of wavering, of being pulled in old directions, and a time of being teased into sloppiness in your habits will undoubtedly be presented. Firm decisions must be taken in order to maintain your balance, and this, I stress, is what you must hold the self steadily aware of. Be aware now of your world, of your energy drains, and of your personal focus on growth. Assess often, throughout your day, where your energy is being invited to go, and decide if it is truly appropriate for where you now stand upon your path. What is at stake? What really matters? Where is your focus best utilized for progress and growth? Treat yourself to your future, not your past. Treat yourself to your evolution, not your dissolution. Resolve, not dissolve, your energy over this time of potential and possibility towards steps in growth, firmly decided, and firmly taken. If you resolve with truth being first and foremost in your intentions, then will your path not dissolve from view, but remain clearly marked and available.

But, do know that these next few days will harbor outside energy and hunger that will seek to disrupt, and this you must hold in your awareness at all times. Make this knowledge available to you often so that you may use it to question yourself often with it, and make the right decisions. Temptations and desires will arise; have no doubt about this! But firm footedness, and focused intent, along with knowledge of your evolutionary growth can aid you as you sweep away from you such troublesome interferers.

All of that being said, I wish to address your other questions, for they do relate to growth of your current spirit being, as well as your evolutionary wholeness, which is what we’re all about. Your life there is essential in this growth towards wholeness. It is the most important focus that you must remain thoroughly intent upon resolving. All other lives are less significant at this moment in time. They have but led you where you now are, even as every day in that present life has led you where you now are. Find yourself in today. This is where you must begin from in order to understand your past, first your present life’s past, and then your past lives’ pasts. Learn first what this present life is for, or you will not have use for past issues and past lives. Focus first on now, that is the greatest advice I can give in order to allow for growth and understanding of all other lives.

Only with firm understanding of your current life’s purpose will you fully understand the true meaning of your past lives. Yes, they may appear as interesting tidbits of information, but what is their true meaning, if not related to where you are now? I do not advocate researching such lives until you are firmly planted in your knowing of this life, with your big baby asleep and truly known and understood, or you may simply encounter this entity in your past lives and get caught by the habits of that aspect of those previous lives, even as you now get caught by this one. Make every attempt to resolve the big baby issue, and you will pave the way to this life’s true purpose, and believe me, it may not at all be what you think it is! Once that is accomplished, and it does not need to take any more years then it takes to grow a head of hair, can you proceed in accepting knowledge of your wholeness, and understand the experience of it for purposes of growth and evolution.

Is it possible to gain knowledge of that wholeness and also gain in evolutionary growth while we are still in this life?

Yes, it is possible, but it has been a rare occurrence. For, in truth, do many simply find it a fascinating study, but remain distant from those experiences, finding them hard to truly assimilate. To regress, and to truly accept the facts of past lives, is as difficult as accepting the true facts of the present life. A person who is able to truly benefit must be of the sort who has done the work of this life, who can truly experience and accept bare truths of the self, and knows that knowledge is truth, truth is experience, and experience is the science of reality. To accept one’s own reality as truth, and to fully assimilate it, is the task one sets oneself up for, if true past life regression is to result in growth and wholeness.

What was your own experience like when you assimilated with your previous lives? You have spoken before about joining and becoming whole, but is this an aspect that everyone will encounter and experience?

My time on earth as Jeanne Marie Ketchel was a culmination of many lives. It was a time of renewal, even as it was a time of quickness, of quick life, and death did not bring anything but a joyousness I could not have imagined as I lay dying upon that earth. In joyousness did I finally fulfill that last life. I made myself available to its fulfillment, that last life’s fulfillment in the moment of death, by finding the last link to my life there. I was given time to resolve final issues, and then I was free to go forward into my wholeness.

What do you mean? Are you talking about your issues of abandonment and control that you have spoken of before?

I speak of the mystery of my life as Jeanne Marie Ketchel. Who was she? I never knew fully who she was, because I did not have available to me the truth of my birth, my parents, or my siblings. For in adoption was that denied me. But it had its purpose, for it catapulted me to become a seeker. Every aspect of that life was ultimately centered in questing for knowledge of who I really was, and this, my dears, is the quest that all should focus on. This is the quest that leads to truth, and eventual wholeness.

I did not find that truth until I had pushed out of that life. I was then given time to resolve that issue and become united with my mother’s spirit, currently upon that earth, to knowingly plant a new baby in her womb. In this aspect, were we united in the bond of motherhood that had been lacking, and was ultimately necessary for the life of Jeanne Marie Ketchel to be completed in true knowing, without question of truth. To complete that life in such a manner allowed me to avoid another return, for I was spirit driven, to seek resolve, even after that life was done. That resolve catapulted me from that life, freeing me of all that I had held close to me during that life: the true knowledge that I, alone, was responsible for finding the final piece of the puzzle of who I was. Once I had given that woman her own knowing of connection to a past life, was I free to move on, having resolved not only my own issue, but reconnected her to her own past life issues, freeing her to now care for her own child, fully and totally, with a unique bond of acceptance that that was her mission now, to fully care for her own child, as she had not in the past.

In my own evolution was I then granted permission to proceed immediately forward into new levels of evolutionary growth. It was at that time that I reunited, when my work with the entity known as Jeanne Marie Ketchel was done. Only in completing that lifetime was I able to proceed, otherwise I would have been in waiting to return, to seek completion. But my spirit resolve, and my spirit awareness, was keenly trained, and I was able to maintain stability of spirit purpose, even as I went through the mystical veils of knowing, where all knowledge passed quickly through me in my essence of spirit energy. I held fast to the knowledge I needed to acquire, in order to fulfill that life, and was able to enact what was necessary in order to continue evolving.

Many people get through the veils without retaining enough details. Remembering is the most difficult aspect of that part of the journey. For bombardment of knowledge, seemingly in the blink of a human eye, yet is it as complete as all knowledge in a nutshell, available, clear, and knowing. To retain the necessary evolutionary data is the task one is faced with at that moment of evolutionary outlook, granted as a part of the journey. Training awareness on earth, now, is key in being available and able to process this episode of growth, so that continued evolution is possible.

I grew from that moment. With my tasks completed, I advanced first to reuniting with my entire being in a joyous reunion of sorts, where all knowledge of self was gained and all seeing was available. My wholeness meant the joining of many lives, but ultimately it meant the joining of complete energy, the being I now am, strongly united in purpose of spirit intent at last. Knowledge of spirit energy in wholeness is something I’ve attempted to introduce you to over these many years of instruction. And this aspect of the total self you do now have access to in small amounts; it is what you are training for, experiencing it at the earth bound level, yet do you have access to it more often than you think. The energy that was Jeanne Marie Ketchel was dwindling, but at my death it was immediately freed of the human form, and in its release reinvigorated in abundance, and I began to know it again as my true self, in that form.

Upon reuniting with my entire group of selves did I then discover the total calm, but increasingly abundant energy, of my completion. My completion was of lives, of energies, of soul, and spirit energy. This aspect awaits all. Once reunited in this calm knowing of true self was I no longer simply Jeanne Marie Ketchel, but I was merely a part of my wholeness of being, familiar and knowing of every aspect of the self, though wholeness and spirit energy are not individual, nor are there any aspects of ego, or desire, or need. Energy is simply energy, and wholeness is the completion of this energy without confusion, without personality, simply pure ability to function as never before, but with full knowing that it is truly right, home, energetic home.

What happened after that?

Purpose and mission began then, for my individual soul group had destiny with a larger soul group, and this was now the focus to advance through, learning to function in new realities as pure energy, training, even as you train, to learn how to use our energy. I say our, so that you understand that I am a fulfillment now, and not simply Jeanne Marie Ketchel, though I still utilize her connection in order to bring this knowledge to you. I also function as others, to do the same, but all are we of the same group.

Okay, so you trained for this mission, is that it?

Yes, in order to aid in this mission did we train under tutelage of others, who were also working their way to higher levels of evolutionary growth. Our mission is one of awakening, as I have said many times, but even as we have this focus, so do we continually challenge ourselves to continually grow.

Can you fail in that process?

Oh yes, many do not succeed beyond a certain point, but even so do they act as guides. There are many levels, many jobs, and many who stay behind to act as aids along the way; very worthwhile and necessary jobs of their own choosing.

So is that failure?

Not in the sense that you mean, but in the evolutionary sense it can be construed as failure because the opportunity for growth is always available, even as it is on earth, but even here, many do not choose to proceed, even when their jobs become no longer growth oriented, still they chose to stay, rather then evolve. And this is why I call it failure.

My own purpose has been to stay evolving. Once my knowledge is complete at a certain level, I am eager to advance. I do not stay longer then necessary, though, even as I was as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, do I retain my stubbornness to get every aspect of my choices right before I move on. Personality of spirit is maintained even in this realm.

Okay, so if we can attain access to our past lives, and if we can truly assimilate and accept them now, accept the truth of them with maturity and with knowledge of our true purpose in life, will we be able to bypass any of those trainings or levels that you speak of?

Well, that is extremely unusual, for only the highest of evolved beings do skip any aspect of this very essential process. Masters are few and far between who have gained access to that which you call God, but which is actually at the center of all energy, and where we all have the potential to evolve to. But, look upon this next phase as the evolution of your continued truth, and growth, and awareness of everything like you cannot imagine, while in that realm. Seek to escape to this place, seek to pull apart the veils, and gain knowledge, and clarity for use in that life in order to gain knowledge of your true purpose. I do not recommend that you seek to bypass anything, for even if your destiny is to do so, what purpose does that serve you? Your purpose still remains that life now, at this time, and no other, though ultimately is your focus on growth and evolution, and that is essential to keep you forward focused, so that you may maintain knowledge of reason for living.

I have often said that you must not shirk your life there, any aspect of it, for it is all necessary. If you wish to evolve, and no longer be burdened with return, must you focus full heartedly on that life, first and foremost. Make it be your last, by fully living, exploring, understanding, and accepting it in truth, in honesty, in humility, and in energetic purpose of spirit. That spirit, in fulfillment of that life, will then be free to evolve and meet it’s challenges to come, reunited with its total energetic group, so that that group may grow now and evolve. All have this challenge before them. In so doing this evolutionary step do you open the door for others to follow suit, releasing the many groups waiting to advance, perhaps only one or two souls away from evolutionary growth. Your challenge is to recognize your part in this greater evolutionary challenge. Is your group awaiting you? Are you the final one, as I was? Will you make your group complete? Do you wish to hold up true evolution? This is your ultimate challenge; to discover who you truly are, so that your purposes for that earthly life may be fulfilled, that should be your focus. Once you have fulfilled your earthly destiny, then are you free to advance in other worlds, where growth is also expected, and your challenge is to retain knowledge of spirit intent, even as it is your challenge now to recall and reawaken your true spirit residing within you.

I need to stop now Jeanne, although my energy is good I think I need to release from this connection soon. Do you have any last comment to make for today?

Only this, do not get too lost in past or future at this time. Focus on now, on resolving issues that present themselves to you, now. Seek counsel and advice at all steps along the way, advice of true spirit, and question always your self as you progress. Daily request of your guides that they point out your way, that you may know your true path, confront the truths of yourself, accept with humble honesty your innermost truths, and grow with open awareness. Do not seek holiness. Do not seek ego-bearing gifts, but do seek always truth of self, of spirit, and of human self, so that you may understand that life you now live fully, honestly, accepting your true path, and when you see it clearly before you go forward on it, knowing that it is right, and that you will be guided, protected, and safe. For when you are on the right path all of these things are made available to you, and when you are right will there be no failure of purpose, nor loss of focus, but only dedicated direction, focus, and intent that will lead you to thoroughly understand the wider vision of the meaning of life, the experiences of universal love and compassion, and the greater understanding of true purpose in life on that journey.

#73 This Is the Turning Point

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

The real question is, are you ready to do it right? Are you ready to evolve? What is your life really about? It’s about evolving spiritually. Do you choose to go forward with all the knowledge you have gained? Are you really ready? Are you not preparing yourself for new life as you continue to read my messages and abide by new rules of thinking and acting? Are you ready for that life you now live to finally change so that you can grow into a fulfilled spirit being?

All of these questions I pose now because the time has come to make a firm decision on the direction of your life. You are being given access to much knowledge. You have available to you much guidance in the ways of spirit growth, conveying the mysteries of life, lifting many veils. Your curiosity is not the only thing that has been peaked, but also your own answering knowing, your resonance, has been re-introduced to you as a result of this guidance being offered.

Do you choose to stay bound by such human qualities as refusal to grow and the needs of a child, or do you choose to take control of your life, and step out into the air as a new being fully committed to something different now? This is the turning point. This is the time to decide whether or not you will go with the flow of spirit guidance as it swoops in to your nearness and offers assistance. Yes, this is also a time of great struggle, for in reality is it the time of clashing of old worlds and new worlds, and when such a clash happens is there a great battle that ensues. Your strengths are put to the test, your old strengths and your new strengths wrestle in the river of life, each seeking to drown the other and claim victory.

Your spirit strength is greatly enhanced now, not only with its own resilience, as that of a youth who fights the old demon, but also with the power of all that is yet to be revealed. The old demon, on the other hand, offers nothing but what it has already shown over these many years. Does David slay Goliath today?

Your life is but a myth. How do you choose your own personal myth to proceed? Do you choose to have the strength of seven Davids, or do you choose to allow the demon Goliath to shred you to pieces upon the path of your life? To be ravaged by your past, or to battle yourself free once and for all? Those are your choices.

Your issues may not warrant such a strong picture, but the image of your life is worth such stark and brutal contrast, for are you not worthy of winning such a battle? Are not all demons, whether large or small, equally devastating if they win? Are you not strong as seven Davids now, with your knowing spirit energy?

To achieve your goals in life do you need focus, intent, and a proper plan of action. You must be organized, and well prepared for all that is ahead. For even as you slay this dragon, will there surely be others ahead who cross your path and ask you to step forward into battle with them. Your time upon that path will undoubtedly be active and exciting in all manner of spirit experience, whether you choose now to go to war against this demon at your door, or you choose to stay locked under its huge clawed foot, still trapped, unable at this time to muster your strength. Your opportunities for growth will always appear, but your challenge will continually be to understand this, to know that now is the time to do battle and fight your way forward. Your knowing must be kept keen and honed, and your spirit consciousness alert, in order to avoid getting trapped by the haunting demons of the past.

All in all, it is a matter of choice. But, I pose still the question for today. What do you wish to do with your life now that you know so much about spirit energy and spirit potential? It is time to dare to choose spirit over all else and see where that takes you. Your choice of intent alone will assist you in your battles, but your actions must begin to follow your words of intent for progress to be made.

I advise that you take the time to assess your own situation. Find your center and your calm place of balance before you attempt to deal with your demons. Plant your feet firmly in this place of knowing, and from this vantage point take time to see the reality that is being presented to you. Know where you can make your cuts. Plan your attack knowing full well who your enemy is and how it acts and reacts. To know your enemy is half the battle.

Allow your calm to remain your greatest asset. Allow your knowledge of your own strong spirit to continually guide you. Allow your mature self to stand now with your spirit upon that path as you meet head on your current challenge. Time to make the first move, and to be as David, and slay that dragon down. To kill, in myth and metaphor, is to grow; and to take that strength from myth and apply it in your own life is to give yourself the gift of truth as regards your own inner strengths and convictions.

You are not far from making a choice that will affect you for a long time to come. Find your new spirit strength, and allow it to guide you and lead you properly along your path. Stay alert, keep focused on reading the signs in your life, and go with what is truly right, resonant, and spirit driven, and the energy of the universe will support you wholeheartedly. Unblock, unlock, your spirit knowing more fully now in order to choose, wisely and well, your next step, your next plan of advancement, and your next growth spurt.

Allow yourself to feel the knowing spirit, its happiness, lightness, and evolving self, now becoming synonymous with the real you, calling as the bird calls, wanting you to come to it and make it merge with your life now more fully.

That’s what this time of decision is all about, you know, choosing to engage your own spirit energy, and trusting your knowing more fully in your life upon that earth. What is your choice going to be? Fight or flight?

#72 Tend the Endangered Species of the Spirit

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Do not fault the self for failure to proceed at a fast pace, but continually look forward to opportunities of growth. Settle now into a pattern of new habits based on what you have learned, and are currently learning, about your own spirit. For the growth of your own spirit is succinctly aligned with the growth of all other spirit entities, and the world at large.

Allow yourself to bask in the knowledge that inner wisdom and knowing of the self is paramount to true evolutionary growth. If you continually allow your spirit the freedom to explore the world around you and the world inside you, differently now, you will greatly improve your life, and your future life, as an evolving being. To remain attached only to the darkness of the earth realm will hamper your future growth, but to show your spirit the way as light and as adventuresome will you offer yourself the possibility of truly amazing life changes.

Take into the routine of your day these new patterns, these new habits of centering, of balancing, of testing, of asking, and of trusting your growth. In so doing will you continually open doors that will lead you on journeys into new understandings and new discoveries. Allow your mature self to trust, for you have opened the door to your innocence again and that is the most important step in this evolutionary process of spirit awakening. Your innocence regained is the key to allowing yourself to take a new kind of journey, a journey of heart, of trust, and of the endangered species of the spirit inside you all.

Tend your spirit as you would a garden, a fire, a delicious soup, or as you would attend to any creative process that is right for you. Watch over it and be mindful of the needs of this awakening spirit inside you. Remember, that while the big baby, the inner child, and the testy teen do slumber is your spirit more available. Keep the inner kids deeply asleep, in calm trance, so that all of your energy can now go toward uprooting your spirit more fully from the weeds and vines that smother it. Transplant it now firmly in the perfectly balanced soil of your knowing, so that it may grow in nurtured containment, especially prepared through all the work you have now done.

Your preparation time is well achieved. Your time of understanding of how your spirit works and what it needs should be firmly established, so that you immediately dig into your calm, daily, and throughout the day. From this place of calm discover now what your worlds offer you. Observe your inner world and your outer world and how things have changed, and how they will continue to change as you proceed on your journey. If you are not seeing or understanding what I mean by change, ask for a sign of knowing and see what your answer may be. Ask for a sign that you will recognize as meaningful and true. And then be alert and aware, and you will not miss your answer.

Even in a very busy life is it possible to take a few moments, every day, to remind your self that you are spirit, first and foremost, and then see how that affects you. This is simple and easy enough to do, for a moment at a time, throughout your day. Your outlook on life will begin to change as you do this.

If you question your life from this perspective of spirit will you begin to see how your actions and your decisions will gradually change. Perhaps you have already noticed this change in yourself and your own life. Just the intent of spirit first will bring you to a new place and it will also bring to you new aspects of life. To attract the right stuff to your life must you be in alignment to accept the right kind of stuff.

Observe how you feel totally right when you are in your spirit alignment, when you take those few minutes to achieve calm and deep inner knowing of the self. This is your truth, and you know it is, you feel it, and you like it there. Seek this place now more often, for you recognize it. This is your spirit resonance, as I like to call it, your spirit frequency that you have tuned in to, and that you now seek to resort to more often.

You know that this place of calm is right and truly you, yet do you struggle still with the outer world and the desires of the ego, the body, and the clutter and chatter invading the mind. That’s fine too, for you would not be human if you did not have to deal with those aspects of life on earth. But do seek a better balance. Seek to tame the ego. Allow the spirit to converse with it, and influence it now more regularly, so that aspects of spirit appear more often in your outer life. Eventually, will your spirit be more firmly planted as your driving force.

But, for now, tend your garden of spirit, watch over it every day, help it along with nurturing attention so that your calm may know its place, and your desire for spirit immediately know where to go. I am not advocating total removal from the world, but I am always advocating spirit growth for change, in your own life first, so that the world you live in may also have the opportunity to change and become spirit driven.

You are all welcome to the life you have. Just focus now on saving the endangered species of the inner spirit and give it the opportunity to make a reappearance as a strong and capable aspect of life, a life that truly matters. This is your task.

#71 Celebrate Your Graduation

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message to guide us today?

I urge upon you all the growth of spirit. Although I have focused on the big baby aspect of human development I do not wish you to wallow in this aspect of the self. For it is merely another stepping stone that must be traversed in order to truly progress in life on earth and in spirit growth. To stand or sit upon that stepping stone is to offer little, but to push forward is to attain a new understanding of the self, to gain clarity, and to no longer remain bound by old ways and old habits of the inner child. Even though your inner child may be deeply wounded, do not hold yourself stuck upon that soreness, but seek healing by understanding your life’s journey as a progression toward wholeness. Fill now your life with new ideas, new perspectives, and new future outlooks. Address the child properly, with many thanks for the life well lived in spite of serious or even disturbing aspects. You now must focus on growth, on change, and on accepting a new energetic path far removed from the old circle of doubt and confusion about the meaning of life.

I wish now for all to move forward, by accepting the past as real, as meaningful, as a true learning ground, but there is no need to stay in elementary school. Graduation time is upon you. Have you learned your lessons? Have you passed your exams? Are you ready to wear the robes of adulthood, mature, and ready to look at life newly inspired and newly energized?

I invite you to the graduation party of the century. At this party are there vats of energy juice, plates of awareness, bowls of clarity, and above all, games of evolutionary growth. You are all invited to participate and to discover your next move in the progress of your life having taken in enough goodies to sustain you for a long time.

Your lessons are now inside you. They no longer reside in distant fog. You have succeeded in lifting the veils and you have gained important knowledge. But, the question remains, what will you do with it? What will you do with what you have learned about yourself and your world? This is always the time of great anticipation as children graduate and go out into the world. As parents we hope for the best. Well, look upon yourself as that child now, for, in truth, are you but a fledgling leaving the nest. Even as you look upon your own children walking out the door and upon the earth of unknowing so do you now venture out yourself into a new earth of truth and real knowing. You have lifted many veils and have peeked into possibility already many times. Your journey with me has opened doors, showing you all that is waiting for you.

Now, it is up to you. What do you wish to do with all that you have learned from my words? The energy awaits! Take advantage of the knowledge, that to enter the resonant stream of energetic force now upon that earth will carry you far, give you plenty of opportunity to continue to learn and grow, while at the same time allow your future connection with like resonant energy.

If you dare to follow your new knowing you will encounter others of the same sort, for there is now much daring upon that earth to be truthful and honest with the self, to hold above all the spiritual aspect of the self as the most important characteristic, to be guided by this centered, balanced self for a new kind of life. Even as the world tumbles down, as wars are waged, and as problems abound upon that earth, so is there growing spirit awareness of access to other realities, and the acceptances of experiences beyond reality as meaningful and truly necessary for total growth.

You now have the necessary parenting skills to tend to your inner big baby, your inner child, or your fretful teen. Be a good parent, but also give yourself the gift of adventure. Award yourself a graduation diploma, with honors, for not only a job well done, but as incentive to keep going. For many doors await your hand upon the knob, and your entry into the adventures of a lifetime.

Come celebrate your graduation! Ask for guidance and you will receive it, but remember always that you must ask, and to do that you must be brave enough to test the hypotheses that I have laid out, be aware of how you are responded to, and then trust the answers you receive. Welcome to the next phase in your life! Think of it as graduate school, for life is a continuing process of learning, testing, and knowing, and if you are truly on a journey of spirit your adventures will never end. Trust yourself, and your experiences, and you will do well.

I love you all. Know that you are safe and protected, that your life is unfolding daily with new lessons to be learned and that, if you accept them, learn from them, and await the next day with enthusiasm for the new gifts you will be given, then are you truly living and learning the life of energetic spirit awareness.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR