#247 Stay Attached to the Open Light Above You

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

Continue your vigilant awareness of the energies that do seek to disrupt and interfere in your progress. This time of pending change does hold, deep in its grasp, the seeds of doubt and of blindness, with the ability to overshadow your progress and your awareness so far gained.

Do not attach attention to this darkness ever present on the horizon, but do maintain awareness of it, for even though you do not want to engage its power, so do you want to remain alert to its force. Such force does sit and wait for the weary, and the tired to stumble into its ready grasp.

Such energy is causing delay, as it blocks progress. Remain alert to your own inner struggles now, and relate your inner darkness to this impending outer rim of darkness that does sit and expectantly wait for the unaware to fall into its trap. If you remain fully cognizant of life’s true journey, and your own place in your own journey, so do you keep your focus on progress, looking and looking constantly for where to place your foot as you prepare to take your next step.

Aside from that rim of darkness on the horizon, is there much light energy above, though that current of doubt, that I have spoken of, does also still run beneath. But this will be of minor consequence as long as you stay attached to the open light above you. This is where focus and attention of thoughts and progress must remain in order for these few days of gloom to be passed without incident. Lift your attention upward now, away from the darkness and the doubt, but never lose your awareness of them, for they still seek your attention. Though you may not be aware of how close they really are to captivating you, keep always alert; place your intent on inner growth, and evolutionary enlightenment, connected to the light above, and you will weather through this time of pressure from the outside.

How long will this energetic tension last this time?

The rest of this week and into the next will carry this tension upon its shoulders. I do warn of it, for it will be making an impact in the world around you. So watch for this. Even as you stay honed upon your own path of growth, do notice how energy affects everything. Look for clarification of such energetic convergence in the world around you as a good example of how energy works. All of this is to teach and enlighten you to your own abilities to learn to read the energy, and understand how it affects you in your personal life. As you tune your awareness to the energy all around you so can you learn how best to utilize it, or deflect it if need be, for your own greater good. In learning this so can you learn how your own decisions of what kind of energy you choose to engage in can have greater impact beyond your own little world. All worlds are one world. All energy affects all other energy. Every decision you make in your life has impact in the world around you.

As you continue your journey of inner exploration and inner strengthening, so will you discover that your connection to that light above you will strengthen and become much clearer. Your connection will easily gain in ease of focus, and you will find that, as all repetitive actions eventually become, so will it be as a new habit, a well-developed habit of good intent. So, continue to hone this new habit of connection with the light energy above that seeks reciprocal connection. Keep your awareness on this connection and, with firm conviction to remove your thoughts from the darkness, allow this powerful energy of light to enter your knowing and become a beacon in this time of change.

As I have often said, I do not like negative thoughts or attention, or negative language, for it gives too much power to that dark energy. Shift your very thoughts and words now to speaking only, and thinking only, of the positive energy that does ask for change that is thoroughly enlightening, and positive, in the direction of evolutionary growth. Keep in mind that every thing that happens is part of that evolutionary growth. This is true on a personal level and a worldwide level as well. So watch, as events unfold, and as you make your own decisions and choices over the next few days. Stay focused on the larger picture, the light above, the new world ahead of you, even as you do not forget that attempts will be made to pull you from your path, and pull a drape over your light. Ultimately will all be as it should, in your life, and in the world around you. This is how energy works, but also this is how you should work, as a full-fledged participant, fully engaged, energetically, in your lifetime upon that earth.

Stay focused and calm and you will be fine, My Dear Ones. Focus on the good will never go wrong, and it may even get you where you are going a lot faster that expected. Have fun too! Don’t forget to enjoy every minute of your existence upon that earth, wondering, and searching for your proper path with gladness of spirit, and eagerness for growth.

#246 It is the Energy of Change That is So Insistently Seeking Notice

Dear Jeanne,
What is happening with the energy today?

Strings of doubt seek attachment as frantic search for meaning does invade the consciousness of seekers upon that planet Earth. Do not look for doubt to solve any problems, nor to bring truth to your awareness. Life without doubt, however, would be quite uneventful, and unchallenging. Doubt presents questions and hypotheses in order for seeking souls to find direction. Question your doubts. Find your way through the muck of them, and refresh your breath with pure awareness of the possibility of everything, and in this manner remain firmly upon your path.

I do not dismiss any questioning, nor do I dismiss the validity and importance of energetic configuration. Though frantic and even desperate energy does now invade and infiltrate the pleasant plains of Earth, do not disregard the propositions that doubt presents. Question everything. Stay focused though, upon your path of knowing, and seek always rightness of heart, and resonance of inner spirit.

As political frenzy energetically inhabits the United States, as around the world the wages of dispute and difference take their toll, and as Mother Earth does also engage in the energy that is present for change, so does she too pose many challenges. There are many forces at work now upon that great Earth, seeking notice, seeking to wake up the sleepers who slumber too deeply still, and these forces of change do not wait too long for response, but return with yet more force. This you may notice all around you, but remain cognizant that it is the energy of change that is so insistently seeking notice on a personal level, and on a greater worldwide level.

Investigate your place now, on this day, as the wild energies of doubt, and shift, and challenging change do elaborately intermix and create a great swathe of energy that is undeniable in its intensity. Do not get drawn apart by its whirlwind. Do not fall apart in a heap of disrepair and despair. Do not allow it to topple you from your steed, or overturn your boat upon the seas. Do not allow its power to become more focused than your own inner intent for growth and change.

Yes, this is a very challenging time, and energetically speaking is it quite conniving in its abilities of deceit and trickery, but it is up to each of you to uncover the truth, both in your own lives, and in the political and environmental climate that has emerged and seeks eruption. Do not allow your own steadiness to be disrupted by what you perceive is going on about you, both in your personal lives and in the worlds closest to you. Do not allow the worldwide energy to pull you from your focused path either, great though it is.

This is a time of deep inner reflection. Keep the focus on the inner journey, for this reflects the greater journey that all must make, and that all must confront. The outer energy does but reflect the inner energies need for quiet calm contemplation, rather than the tendency to get drawn outward by it, thus setting up the possibility of doubt and of loss of focus to become the driving force. Always must the inner self remain the driving force, staying calm and focused on the truth, and the journey of resonance, and of awareness.

Remain cognizant of your path, all that you have learned and continue to learn, as the energy of now, so volatile and frantic, hungry for fodder, does seek attention. Don’t give it much of any thing; if you can help it, and you will do well, remaining in focused contemplation of the true meaning of your life and where you are going. Clear the mists of doubt, and the dust of frantic energy from your eyes today, and stay focused on the inner truth, and the inner path. It is the only way to find the correct outer path. Good Luck. The energy, by the way, is doing what it does best, distract and seek satiation. So be aware of it at all times, and turn your back as often as possible to protect your eyes, and your seeing will remain clear.

#245 Build Your Awareness of the Energies That Surround You

Dear Jeanne,
What is the message for today?

Underneath lies always the current of doubt, seeking to draw your attention, but I advise keeping the eyes forward on the light ahead and the gleaming rewards of truth as yet to be revealed. I speak, of course, of your own truths. Each one of you who reads my messages is on a path. Whether it be steady and strongly focused on an evolutionary model, or sometimes only moderately so, do not lose touch with the energies all around you. Even if you have not yet trained your awareness, even if you are skeptical and uncertain of my many words of other realities and the influences of other worlds, so is it of utmost importance that you build your awareness of the energies that surround you.

Underlying doubt does sneak in, but heads above the clouds keep feet in distant doubt, far from interfering. In order to remove your forward facing feet from that stream of doubt, maintain your awareness of the clear air above, and the signs that appear to lead you on your way. As I have said, many times, only with experience will your trust be solidified, and your abilities to further your journey be enhanced.

With life now so volatile, energetically speaking, is there need for the head to know what the feet are doing. Even though you may wander in doubt, keep the head up, aware that the possibilities do exist for down to interfere in your progress. Do not forget that life offers change more often than some folks like to acknowledge, and this is how you will move your feet out of that underlying stream of darkening doubt and skepticism. Look for the light that surrounds you now, the light that urges you to notice its beam, pointing out your direction, even as your eyes do cast downward and want to sleep again.

Wake up now. Stay alert, and squint your way forward through this energetic time of doubt. Change will break through, revealing the greater light ahead. Maintain your awareness. Look for the truth of my words in your own life. Take good care of your selves, My Fine Traveling Companions. You are doing well, just a little dampened by the energies, but that is soon to change. Stay focused, calm, and balanced; and keep eyes forward on the light ahead; eyes on the prize, so to speak, it is within reach. Where your struggles lead you that is where you must go, but go with your awareness leading you too, bringing your clarity back to your journey, and remember why you are there, and where you are headed.

#244 Turn Your Outer Questions Inward

Dear Jeanne,
What is your message to humanity today?

Uncover your truths and reveal them to your self. For how can life progress and truly evolve if you have not uncovered all your secrets that you keep locked tightly away from the eyes of even your inner knowing? In order to truly evolve, and become a fully functioning citizen of an evolutionary world, must you know your self fully. But even more than just knowing, must you fully forgive your self in an evolutionary manner. This means, remove all judgments, all blame, and all ancient voices and ideas planted by outside forces that have sought to curtail your evolutionary growth by challenging you to notice just what it is that you must learn. Although I say, “curtail,” I do not mean this to imply that events in your life wish to keep you from your evolutionary potential, but “curtailing” you by pointing out where you must stop a while and do the work of the self.

This work of the self, this truth seeking of the self, is the only method by which one can truly evolve. Uncovering and discovering, digging for the buried treasure of the self, is the task that all are presented with. To live a life ignorant of the inner workings of the self is to live a selfish life, focused on self-gratification and external pleasures. Inner work, the deep work on truly studying and knowing the self is the ultimate unselfish act. To truly know the self fulfills not only that journey, but also allows for total release from pre-occupation with the self, so that energy and attention may eventually be paid to life as it unfolds around you, outside of you. For you will not fully understand the life outside of you, grasping all it offers, all the signs, and all the guidance, until you fully know the self.

So, as the energy continues to escalate, to grow again to a frenetic activity that harbors much possibility for change, for the opposites of both growth and destruction, remain balanced by continually turning inward, to examine the self in a new manner, guided by this energy. What does the outer energy point to in your inner work? What are you being guided to work on next as this energy of now does pressure upon all of you some aspect of the self that needs attention. Use the outer energy to your advantage by questioning the inner self as regards the energetic twists and flurries that arise. So what if there is devastation and calamity all around you? What does that really have to do with you? Find reciprocal experience in your own life, and in your inner response. Turn your outer questions inward, and question your deepest concerns upon the inner you. Find your inner resolutions. Advance beyond the stages of big baby, victim, and survivor, and truly mature into an evolutionary being, totally accepting of the reality of your life and your journey, every step meaningful and necessary.

Do not only forgive the self, but suspend all judgments of the self, and release the self from the judgments of others. Life is what it is. Accept your journey and move on now to truthful walking as your path unfolds. Make each new step a step in total acceptance of the utter truth of the self as an evolving being who has lived and learned, and is eager to continue doing so. Acquiesce to the truth, and you will discover that your inner you will love you for that, as you make room for the voice of truth to speak to you now more clearly, and allow it to guide you. In this manner will your journey in that outer world also begin to be guided more fully as, energetically speaking, will you allow a greater response from outside of you to be acceptable and available.

Do not hide from your truths. Every day do they knock at the door. Do you hear them knocking? It is time to open the door and greet them. They are but old friends who have waited all these many years for your invitation to join you on the amazing journey that is your life.

#243 String Your Necklaces

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us all today?

Do not hesitate to procure your own place in that world. All who live there now do have a purpose to conduct; whether it be brief or long lived, so is it related to the journey of the soul. In order to accomplish the goal now set forth is it necessary to acquiesce to the journey being presented, for all events are meaningful and prepared for your experience.

Do not hold back from that which you must do. Determine your path, and stay focused on growth and evolution of spirit, that which resides inside you, and urges you to have life, and to find your ultimate reason for that life. Continue your progress at every step by looking always for the signs, and the experiences that are meant for you, and you alone. Learn to interpret them for their meaning in your soul’s experience in this life, putting it all together, a piece at a time, as it leads you always toward wholeness, clarity, and completion.

In order to maintain your stable, balanced journey, make your way forward now with your new awarenesses in your pocket, handy at all times, so that as you go, so do you not miss the signs and the lessons. Remember always that you are a journeyer, seeking clarity, and seeking also the meaning of just this life you now live in the context of all your previous lives. Resolve to complete the journey of your soul during this life time, finding your long string of lives neatly strung, as pearls on your necklace of experience. And finally, connect both ends of it together, around your neck, your life times at that level of reality finally completed, fully known, fully understood, and fully owned, so that your next life may evolve to a new level of awareness.

It is time to sweep up the remainders of lives lived; time to put together all the pieces so that your time upon that earth may be completed, and your slot made available to the next seeking soul. It is the ultimate challenge to be the last life at that Earth bound level. It is the greatest achievement to complete that cycle of living. String your necklaces. Complete your tasks within that realm so that you may fully evolve beyond that heavy place, and begin a new journey with your soul complete; your lives tied together, friends joined as one; and your new life with your larger soul group made available to you when your work is done.

This is possible to achieve. Even if you do not see your self as yet evolved, so is it possible to gain in awareness and, with effort and training, maintain it through the time of transition. Work hard, My Dear Ones, to understand who you really are. Find your calm and balanced place upon that Earth. Discover the meaning of that journey you now take, and with keenly honed awareness accept your possibility for continued growth. All of these messages seek to aid you on that journey. That is all I attempt, to offer guidance, so that those who reside upon that planet may have the opportunity to evolve into new life, with awareness and clarity in tact, and knowledge of a job well done.

Find another pearl, and attach it to your necklace today. See your journey more clearly as each day offers you the opportunity to understand something new. Allow your self to accept the possibilities I speak of, and open your self to a new way of experiencing life. It is only good that is being offered, and only refreshing new life to aid you in your work there. See what happens today!

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR