#187 Today, Become Your Own Best Traveling Companion

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us today?

Notice the energy within your self now. Notice it as resident energy, as your own powerful source, and begin to utilize it differently now. Accept the total embodiment of the self as absolutely you, as whole, containing all you need; all that exists is present, merely yet undiscovered. Seek now to use your knowledge of energy, and of the self as container, to learn more about the self. Within resides everything you need, but your discovery of what this truly means is up to you.

From your calm and balanced centered self accept the totality of who you are now. Work from now in order to evolve, utilizing the powers of energy and knowing, awareness and clarity, growth and rejuvenation. I speak in energetic terms, but these also apply to your physical body if you learn to apply these words of energy to all aspects of the self. There is no aspect of the physical you that is not wholly acceptable. All of you is necessary for growth of the self. From this point onward, backed by the good winds of alertness, and confidence in the power of the inner energetic self, begin a new life. Determine today that the self is total, acceptable; a fine specimen of humanity, spirit, and evolutionary potential; full of all that is necessary for growth. Use what you have most apparently available to you, and then dare to add what you have most apparently hidden, awaiting release and enjoyment of life.

Do not be afraid of who your are, or of who you have the potential to become. This day is your day. Each of you is granted this day as a day of the self, the real, vital, alive, physical self. Acceptance of this self must become a part of this journey, for if you are constantly in battle with the self will your journey be thwarted and slowed down so that growth is limited to only times when you think are acceptable. In reality, is every day an acceptable growth day; so allow the self access to all of you, and to the energy bursting inside you, wanting release and participation in real life. Are you a good and worthy traveling companion to the self? Are you ready to go on an adventure with the self, or do you hesitate, complain, and hold yourself back from the adventures awaiting discovery? What kind of traveling companion are you?

Today, become your own best traveling companion, and allow the self to step out into the true adventure of life, with no-holds-barred, no tethers tied, and no binder or blinders on. This you, that you now are, as is, is perfectly and wholly ready to go, just awaiting your acceptance, your acknowledgment, and your daring. So, become the best of friends, your physical self and your spirit self, and begin the great adventure you’ve been waiting for. Now is the time to step out together, and go! The energy, both inside of you and outside of you, is complete and compliant, ready to support, engage, and aid. It’s up to you. Do you dare? Now? Today?

#186 Watch Now Your Tenderness, Your Innocence

Dear Jeanne,
You said the time of energetic culmination would be over by today. So what can we expect now?

Although culmination and energy-building, to such an exasperating extent, will no longer be of such great intensity and fortune, so will there continue to be highs and lows in energetic concentrations that will affect you, whether you are aware of the energy or not. Keep perceptions honed; and remain aware of what is happening around you, at all times. For even though you may not be directly affected, so will the affect on others directly affect you. This is how energy works, and this is what we seek to teach you; not only this, but also how to use it for growth.

Can you explain this?

Once you have learned what it means to be affected by all energy, so can you learn to use it beneficially, rather than it taking over and capsizing your ship, or pushing you off course, or throwing you upon the sandbar, or, worse still, the rocky shore. Your ability to read the waves of energetic content will enable you to smoothly maneuver through any passages in life. If you are totally unaware of energetic buildup, energy on a universal level, do you leave your self open to interference in all aspects of your life.

Many have had experiences of this universal energy, feeling and seeing, first hand, how many, in a domino effect, can be pulled in by the force of such energetic collusion. If you are present among others who are unaware of the personal consequences of engaging in energetic properties, whether positive or negative pulls, so may you witness what universal energy is capable of. Especially in group activity is there potential for a greater buildup of tension and unnatural activities as the energetic pull builds among the many members of the group, stirring up a whirlwind of energy.

To remain in such a group, in solitary confinement of your own energy, can be a difficult situation. To remain outside such a group and witness the frenetic building of energy is also extremely useful, and potentially your greatest feat of understanding. To remain pragmatically distant and soberly attuned to the realities of such progressive energy is to retain a balanced, calm state, such as we have been lately teaching.

Now, with the great build-up completed, the wave now crashed upon the shore; the undertow resolved upon the sandy beaches of life; and the final wave drawn back into the ocean of energy, where do you find your self? This is the question you must ask your self today? Where do you stand? Firmly upon the shore, distant from the last churning waves? Or up to your knees in sand? Or did you get drawn back out to sea?

Where are you now, right now? Where is your inner energetic self? Where is your center? Find it, and bring it in to calmness first, then allow it to settle down to your heart center, and breathe quiet breaths into this place of nurturing warmth. Calm down, not only your breathing, but your entire physical self, and allow your wandering energy to be contained.

Now, track your last few days, your energetic peaks and valleys. They may have been quite dramatic, or they may have been but lively swells; but all in all were they meant as tools of learning, lessons in the study of energy. Now, as this new week begins, as this new time of restless energy flirts with the idea of lull will your inner you continue to be affected, though with your notice less keen, for the energy will not itself be as noticeable.

Watch now your tenderness, your innocence, and guard it well, as the bubbling ocean does tease and teach you yet more skills of navigation in an attempt to lead you into the grip of energy that must now be avoided, even as the more dramatic energy of the past few weeks was to be avoided, and utilized, for your inner work. The world now calls for inner contemplation, for turning to the realities of life that so blatantly seek to alert you to the facts of change, and the lessons of life in overload. Even as energy consumption has led to such dire and expensive consequences upon that modern world you inhabit, so does the consumption of energetic frenzy also lead to overload within. Do not invite the sickness of overloaded energy. Do not blow your own energetic fuses, causing disruptions in your service, but learn, instead, how to maintain steady calm energy usage inside the self, balancing it with sober concern for your usage of material goods in your world around you.

Conserve the inner energy, conserve the outer energy, and maintain this balance in all aspects of life. This practice, if spread upon that earth, especially in the United States, could impact the entire world. If the citizens of the U.S. decided to become true citizens of the global world, the global community, and pulled innerly, conserving personal energy, then world wide usage, with less confrontation and less consumption, on all fronts, would the entire world feel their burdens lifting. Become part of a new energy usage, for inner calm, inner peace; and turn down the dial of extravagant energy usage world wide, becoming the new America, the new world, where each vessel navigates with awareness, compassion, and tenderness for all.

Utilize the skills you have learned. Place your vessel back in the waters of life, but traverse the swiftly running current and the frothy seas from your calm and steady heart-centered spirit self now, and do it differently. See where that takes you!

A Note from Chuck on Message #185

Last night, while reviewing Chapter 13 of The Eagle’s Gift by Carlos Castaneda, entitled The Intricacies of Dreaming, I encountered the shaman’s description of what happens to awareness after death, often “consumed” by The Eagle. In our forthcoming book, The Book of Us, the impact of this construct on Jeanne and I, when engaged in Tensegrity and in her preparation to leave this world, is discussed. This question today was a follow up to that construct from Jeanne’s experience and vantage point, now, in infinity. She offers a clarification of the eagle construct in terms more universally recognizable, and therefore useful in understanding the shaman’s path, and in everyone’s preparation for their encounter with infinity.

#185 Keep Your Antenna Up

Dear Jeanne,
Today is Friday, the end of another week. You have spoken now about a time of culmination and energy-building that is affecting us all, in some way. I gather that this culmination is about to reach its breaking point. What can we expect then?

Reach into your heart-centered selves now, and retrieve all that you have learned during this time of preparation. Reach in, and grasp the knowledge of the self that has arisen with this rise in energy, and hold fast to these new tools, so well-honed, and so well-protected in your moments of tranquility. Take these with you as you ride now through this day of culmination. Take your calm, your inner self-study methods, and your understanding of energy, and allow these lessons in creative balancing to aid you now as you rise, as the energy peaks, and as you navigate your way through the crashing upon the shores of life.

For there is, with culmination, also a great letting-down. Do not be fooled by the high energetic intensity that may delight you; for know that it will be followed by a tumultuous letting-down that may come as a delightful settling, or a disturbing and unsettling rumpus. Either way will there be much to be aware of, to keep your eyes open to, your hearing alert to, and your body prepared for. There may be need to use your new skill of turning away, pivoting, sweeping away, and going into calm retreat during this time of final triumph and turmoil. Do not fear this, or become anxious in anticipation, for it will arrive in your life in meaningful fashion. Who ever you are, and where ever you are, will this time of energetic force, culmination, and descent, bring with it what you most need now, in your life now. It will also deliver you to the place that you must next start out from, as you awaken tomorrow to a new day of new energy and new possibility. This is good.

Well, what then? What comes next?

Do not be so eager to hurry things along, My Dear! Await what life brings. This time of culmination bodes well for many, and what awaits will be in collusion with that. This time also carries with it plenty of opportunity to make a few meaningful mistakes, and that too will carry possibility for great change. It also has possibility of destructive, breaking apart in its character, and that may be the fate of others. There are as many possibilities as there are people upon that earth, but, above all, is this energy preparing you for change, for movement forward to a new phase, and for growth.

Choices will need to be made. This will be the biggest challenge of many. But now have you learned many things about making choices. Will you choose with spirit orientation, first and foremost? Will you seek meaningful decisions that may not be popular, but are right? Will you determine that your next step is going to be drastically different from your present direction? Or will you decide to remain, yet a little longer, on the path that now has you feeling comfortable and complacent? Will you choose change? That is probably the question that will be the most daring to ask your self now: Do I choose change? Am I ready to declare myself freed of my old habits, patterns, relationships, debilitating behaviors, and mundane ideas? Am I ready now to go on a new adventure?

These challenges may appear at your doorstep now, as the energy finally culminates and seeks entry into your life to stir you up a little, and advance you further in a new direction. Are you ready for such energetic change? The decision is yours. You are fully in control. New relationships have great potential to blossom. Old relationships have equal potential to rekindle, and grow now in a different way. But all of these relationships require awareness in order to continue utilizing this good energy of change.

The good energy of change will not last long if it is simply sipped, and drunk, and then abandoned on the morrow. The energy must be captured, and saved, and made to last, kept in awareness, and utilized with sober maturity, and adult decisions peppering your coming days. Seek to remain in balance now. Seek to remember that you are on a journey, and that every choice you make should be meaningful, and right for your spirit growth and orientation.

Watch the energy within you, and without. Do not allow the big baby to rule, but put the big baby to bed early tonight, or better yet, don’t get it out of bed at all today, and stay in your mature and enlightened awareness today. Keep your antenna up, looking, looking for your place in this energetic profusion. Do not get lost in the confusion or the dismay of it. Do not become overwhelmed. If on the verge of total disarray, or loss of place, simply pull back into your heart center, and go calm, go blank to the outside world, and awaken to your inner you. Listen to the voice of reason that will speak from this place of inner knowing. And then, do as it knowingly, and soberly suggests, and you will be fine.

Okay, you are giving us a lot of warnings. Is this energy really so volatile, so crazy?

Yes, to put it plainly and succinctly: This energy, now on the verge of culmination, has been brewing and stewing for quite some time, and it holds within its power much awareness and possibility. On the flip side, especially for those who remain unaware, does it carry may surprises. So please be alert. Within your own life may you experience it as but a large wave of energetic propulsion that will advance you greatly; or you may experience the great undertow that is sure to follow; or you may fall from its crest, unable to sustain your desire to ride it out. Protect yourself now with the knowledge that this is a time of great shift, great opportunity, great change, great forcefulness, and equally open for great opposition to burst forth. So be aware.

How long will this culmination last?

Be aware of negative and positive pulls now, fighting and propelling life forward for the next 24 hours. Then will you notice a lull, a depression, before a final surge, as a sense of pulling back will occur, and then one final release. By Monday morning will it all be over.

Restore then your balance, your state of self and your surroundings, to calm upright return to normal, but a new normal. Normal, in the sense of inner calm, and orientation on spirit, and spirit direction. Do not lose contact with this aspect of the self now. Watch what happens over the next few days. Your job is to remain steady, no matter what the energy does. Ride your ship through the waves, steer your way clear of debris, and weather the storm using all of your awareness and your newly learned skills.

It is a time of great energetic possibility. It continues now to build, and your awareness of this is now your greatest tool, and much to your advantage. I can only wish you all the best, My Fine Traveling Companions. Now, it is up to you!

Okay. Chuck has a question for you regarding the concept of “the eagle,” and the shamans of Carlos Castaneda’s line. Is their contention, that the eagle consumes the awareness of those who have not prepared properly, correct? What happens? Are those shamans so evolved that they are the only ones who get past the eagle? Who gets to keep their awareness after death from this life? You kept yours, right?

This is a great, a big, question with many ideas attached to it, for it is not so simple as stated, even by the shamanic line that I did study upon that earth. Everyone has the opportunity to retain awareness, but those who succeed have done much preparation, even as the shamans of Carlos’ line did. But one does not need to be a shaman, or of that line, in order to recognize the moment of choice, the moment of acceptance and reconciliation, with the knowledge and awareness offered one. To prepare for this event is what I now seek to offer to those of you who are currently under the tutelage of my mission. It is not only my mission, but a great concerted effort by many to awaken you, and many others, to the evolutionary possibilities that are available and awaiting your discovery. I use the term “my mission,” not in egoistical fashion, but only to bring conciseness to my language.

All are given the opportunity to recapitulate fully upon crossing the great divide between worlds, but one must be available to accept the facts, the truth, the truths of the self, and the many lives one has lived, in order to fully advance beyond the realm of that earthbound cycle of life. It is a choice we make. You know already that I chose advancement, and although I had worked quite hard to be prepared so did I still have duties to perform regarding life upon that earth. This I undertook before I advanced and worked my way forward to where I am now, continuing to choose to grow in this energetic state, rather than be propelled back into a new cycle of living upon that earth. The Eagle is merely the moment of clarity, of discovery, the great perceiver who offers the opportunity for all to choose whether or not to reincarnate upon that earth, or to advance in energy form.

It is not a time of much contemplation or study, but a brief moment of awareness when all is revealed, all is understood, all is explained, and knowledge of everything is granted. Challenges are presented. But awareness is key, even if only one point is fixated upon can it mean the difference between evolutionary potential and returned focus to life upon that earth.

What do you mean?

If you have trained your awareness, if you already are aware of your energy body, your past lives, aware of seeking wholeness, and desirable for completion as a spiritual energy body may your alertness aid you in recognizing what it is that you must do in order to gain entry into the evolutionary levels of growth in your energy body. This is the first test. If your awareness fixates on something else, such as remaining connected to some human aspect that is yet unfulfilled, or unwilling to release you, may your fixation and attention upon such detail, in that moment of choice, keep you earthbound and the necessity of another life becomes your decision. It takes great struggle to remain aware at this crucial point. This is thus known, by those shamans, as the moment of The Eagle, for the great claws and beak are but symbols of the moment of struggle and decision, the pinpoint in time when awareness kicks in. But what awareness is it that you fixate upon? This is your choice.

To be gobbled up by the eagle is to remain fixated upon that life, upon that earth, the unresolved, the unadvanced, unaware aspects that bind you to your human form, even now, and require that you live that life to the fullest, experiencing all of it in order to eventually complete it, and gain awareness of other possibilities. To remain aware during the time of greatest possibility is what we now seek to train as many as possible to achieve, for it is crucial now. There is a great backlog of unevolved, unaware, energy beings who, if only taught a few things, will have aid in choosing to advance and free up the energetic confusion and dullness that now holds many so earthbound. There is so much more to experience!

Okay, I have to stop now. We’ll talk about this another time. Any last comment?

Do not fixate too much on what is to come. But prepare now for experience of this by inculcating it in your daily life. Learn awareness skills now. Enjoy the magic of life, of true energy, now, and have a taste of this awareness so that it becomes known to you, your own familiar companion. Your energy body awaits your discovery, and once found will you have the opportunity to go adventuring, and that, My Dears, is just what you should be doing, going on adventures into other worlds, so that your understanding of how everything works is advanced and well-trained. Then will your moment of The Eagle be clear, and your choice obvious. So, keep this in mind: Train now to access your energy body. Don’t wait until the last minute, for then it may not be obvious to you how to choose, as your awareness may be drawn to fixate on the wrong issue for evolutionary advancement at that moment. But still, may it be what you truly need, at that moment, especially if you have not prepared for such a moment’s choice, and your obvious choice will be to reincarnate and give yourself a new chance to learn evolutionary tactics in that earth environment once again. Anything is possible. But, you can prepare!

This is all I, we, seek to teach and alert you to, all the possibilities that exist as you live, and learn, and open up to the experiences of energy upon that earth. This day of culmination is a good time to open to this evolutionary potential that awaits. I invite you all to be aware of it, and see what happens!

#184 The Clear Road of Possibility That Lies Ahead

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Glance up now, looking toward the horizon, and notice that your path is open, straight, and clear. Where are the pitfalls, the fissures, the blocks, and the walls that appear so often to cause your dismay? Are they not created as you work your way along your path? Do they not appear to trick or trip you as you proceed on your journey, tests of your strength and your conviction to growth? But where are they now, as you lift your eyes from your feet, and your intense self-study, and gaze out into the future? The truth of the future is an open road, nothing inhabits it because you have yet to walk there and place your burdens along side it, and yet to draw stumbling blocks to your side. Look not at the troubles you now carry. Look not at the past you have left behind. Look not at the disarray all around you, but instead look forward into the clear road of possibility that lies ahead.

As this time of culmination now draws its final breath and blows out its steam and its stream of energetic force, and as the smoke and litter clear, notice that beyond all of that clutter lies the open road. A new view is being revealed now. A new day is arriving; a new clear path is being revealed to you so that your journey may proceed differently. If you choose this path, if you choose to see the new direction, and the new perspective, and look in the direction of this new horizon, so do you offer your self the rewards of your hard self-work and your engagement in this time of energetic confrontation.

Look at your new view. What kind of landscape is opening before you? What does seek to signal to you your new direction and your new connection? For now will there be opportunity, connected to spirit growth. But will you notice? Are you there yet, at the point of acceptance of this aspect of the self? If you are ready for great change, now will be the time to make the leap. If you are daring enough to embrace a new you, the one you have been drawing out into life, into play, into work, and into reality, creating a new you, then will this time coming be the time to urge that new you to participate more fully in this life.

Do not keep the eager spirit hidden inside you. Such energy is acceptable now in this time of blooming hope for drastic change, even as the earth and the forces created by man upon it do strife and create havoc and worry. Do not attach to the debris of such creation, but instead embrace the knowing spirit in all of you, in all of us energy beings, and look toward a new future, fully acknowledging that this spirit that exists inside each of you, who are working so hard to wake it up, does also exist in all of mankind. With such potential, as yet uncovered, is there possibility for great change.

Look outward now, into your own future, both near and far ahead, and determine how you will choose to proceed. Is your spirit yet afraid? Does it need more prodding? Does it seek yet more reassurance from you that it will be safe as you protect it from harm and abrasive confrontation? Is it wary, yet daring at the same time? Show it the new view. Allow it to experience its own resonance in that future view. Even though the way is clear, so is there understanding that anything may pop up along the way to challenge you both, and this your spirit knows.

Enable now your spirit to accompany you on your journey as time of culmination, change, and a new dawning approaches. It is up to you to be in charge, to ask your spirit self, your truth, and your innocence to accompany you now on your journey, more fully integrated into your life, more fully participant, and more fully your companion in all aspects of your life.

This is a time now of great choice making, decision making, and allowing your self, all aspects of the self, to view your life ahead differently. The path is clear. Do you see? There is nothing blocking your way. It is wide open, and full of possibility. Only what you bring with you will create blocks, yet must you dare to make the journey, continuing to work and dismantle the oldnesses that burden you. Continue your self-work, even as you take the hand of your spirit self, and go now into newness as the next dawn does approach. It is a day of decision making. Choose well, choose right for your self, and choose for growth. I urge you all to take advantage of this time of culmination to move now greatly forward in possibility. That is where your focus should remain, on the clearing ahead, as the air clears and debris is blown and swept away. Look at what lies ahead. Stay focused on that.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR