#260 Often a Glitch Will Appear

Dear Jeanne,
Personally, I noticed that Friday’s energy was absurdly misaligned. I felt it internally, but also noticed it outside of me; nothing felt quite right. I don’t think you mentioned anything unusual, but I felt it greatly, and I know it affected a lot of people. It seemed to continue into Saturday, but by Sunday it was finally much calmer. What was that all about?

Jan, there are constantly shifts taking place, and often a glitch will appear, catch, and hold; a retrospective spinning takes place, and nothing moves, almost as if wheels are spinning in place, and that is what happened. During such times, is it possible to grasp truths as they are revealed, though often people get caught up in the drama of such times. When a glitch happens is there both the opportunity and the possibility for great shift to take place.

Energetically is such misalignment, as you called it and felt, an opportunity to glimpse something previously hidden from view. It is a time of clarity, while also a time of restraint as the world stops, as if standing still; and in those moments, or hours, is there opportunity for just about anything to happen. It is a time fraught with evolutionary possibility, and those who succeed in accessing that energy for growth will learn quite a lot.

Personally, I gained some good clarity, but it also became clear that the energy affected a lot of people, both tragically and frighteningly. It was also a harassing and annoying energy; at least that’s how I experienced it.

Yes, it does involve all of those responses, as it is an energy of abrupt shift; stalling, spinning energy that is better observed, rather than engaged, if one is not prepared or knowledgeable about how energy works. But more importantly, is it an energy of change that offers one the opportunity for a great shift if one is aware.

Well, what can we look forward to now?

Take with you the lessons of that energy into the coming days. For even though I urge upon you all a new balance of greater awareness and participation in the world as an evolutionary spirit worker, while still working on the deeper issues of the self, so must you always juggle the energy that approaches. It is forever circulating. So that energy of the past few days will return, but not for a while yet. Expect it quarterly, in a few months time. Sometimes it is of longer duration, and sometimes but a blip on the screen of life. Now as you refocus on your life, the meaning of it, and the direction you are choosing, so also remain cognizant of your vulnerability to the energy outside of you. It does affect you, and it can infiltrate your inner field and catch you off guard.

Be aware that you have emerged now from the clutches of that energy as you have been doing your inner work. Each day, as you do your truth-seeking self work, your inner work, do you emerge from the malaise and the haze of outside energy, replacing it with your own energy, in alignment with your spirit. It is possible to siphon off only the energy from outside of you that is useful, and leave the rest to seek other energetic resting. If you remain innerly focused, is it possible to not only deflect the energy of times of glitch, but to gain new energy from its powerful whirlwind. For it does generate tremendous build up of energy that must be released when the glitch time has passed. You may have experienced the glitch, but you may have also experienced the end of it, as it finally caught up with itself, and energetically closed the door it had opened, and sped off with a burst of speed, slipping, and sliding in its own eagerness to catch up to itself.

Can you elaborate on that glitch a little more?

It is a spinning-in-place energy that exerts such force that veils are blown aside, doors pushed open, and revelations presented, glimpses offered; and the opportunity to slip through the energetic window that opens is possible. It is a time of intensity without direction, and a tendency to get lost in the energy is most often the case, because although awareness is keen, you may not recognize the danger of such time of glitch in the energetic framework.

Wow, I just remembered, we were watching “The Matrix” on Friday night when I felt the greatest intensity of that energy, a movie full of glitches, veils, illusions, and realities revealed. An interesting synchronicity.

Such times offer an opportunity to learn more about how energy works. It is not always flowing, nor is it always readily discernible. More often than not is it tricky and conniving, for it seeks new energy to sustain it, yet is it also essential to life. But your inner journey must always be the focus. No matter what happens around you must your questioning always return to: What does this mean for an evolutionary spirit journey?

Detach from getting caught in the drama, and focus always on the journey, for that is where your energy and your attention must remain. Did you find out something important about your self during that time of glitch? Did you do the inner work that we talked about last week, even though the energy outside of you sought to suck you into its intensity? Or did you throw it off, and stay steady? A little bit of both?

It doesn’t matter what happened, except in the context of now. What will you do now? What is your next move? Step onward now, into a new energetic time zone, and accept your responsibilities to remain on a path of growth. Keep aware of the energy. Try to feel it outside of you often, and allow your instinctual reading of it to guide you more often now. You can do it. It isn’t that hard. Trust your instincts. Allow your inner knowing to guide you. See what happens next to aid you on your journey. Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

#259 Create a New Meaning of Life Upon That Earth

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

What do you want to do with your lives? All You Readers of My Messages, now is the time to not only consider that question, but make a decision that is progressive and energetically conducive to the times. There are many jobs waiting to be done upon that Earth that are necessary in order to bring together the seekers, and create a new meaning of life upon that Earth.

Existence upon that plane must now take on a new meaning overall in order for evolutionary growth to continue. Are you a figure of this new awareness that is so necessary? Do not fall for the rhetoric that separates and disguises the truth. Do not hide behind one doctrine or another. Do not use revolution, or disaster, to compensate for the true spirit desire for growth.

These times need change, but that change must come from the underlying truth of all human beings; that you are all energy first, that you are all spirit grounded, and that your time there upon that Earth is limited, and meant to be used for evolutionary purposes.

Continue to discover the inner truths of the self, but now make a more concerted effort to discover how you will use your energy on a daily basis. Think: I am energy first. I must feed and strengthen my energetic persona, and allow it to grow now, in this lifetime. I must discover the true self, who is now, and I must discover my collective self, my past lives; and with knowledge of my journey seek to find the way to conclude this passage upon Earth, so that I may evolve. My time here is limited. Am I doing the work I need to do in order to go on to new life when I am done here, when my body is done? I must keep my spirit constantly nurtured and balanced, and allow for expression of that spirit, so that it is offered the opportunity to lead me into new life.

These are the ideas behind evolutionary growth, My Dears. Keep in mind that life upon that Earth is for learning about energy, and about truth, and for understanding how to evolve, and how to move on to the next level of awareness. In my own case upon that Earth was I last Jeanne Marie Ketchel, and I gained awareness of energetic possibilities while there. I was allowed the opportunity to concentrate upon my energy body with the support of my beloved Chuck, and the strength of the universe behind me. Everything was lined up for me to do so, and I knew it was all I had left to do, though I sought much time upon that Earth in order to learn as much as possible before I left. This process did prepare me for continued evolution. I have not ceased my growth, but have evolved beyond, several levels now, achieving greater awareness, and learning many new things. I have teachers and guides always available to me. Keep in mind that once the evolutionary track is selected is there great support for you to have the opportunity to continue.

If you have chosen this track, now must you use the energy available to expand your awareness beyond your self. This is called for now during this time of crumbling, and earthbound demise. Not only is this a time of individual evolution, with great potential for the individual to grow, but it is a time of necessity for the entire planet to raise awareness of spirit potential.

Problems upon that Earth can be solved with a new awareness, a shift in perspective, and an acknowledgment of what spirit energy really is, and really means for the entire population of that world. There is such potential waiting to be unleashed. Can you find a way to unleash it? First in your own life, and then by example, and by following the signs, allowing your own true spirit to become involved in a worldwide effort of awakening?

This is the challenge I must pose now, over and over again. For without participation in this energetic possibility, from those who are aware and alert, is there concern that this awakening will not have the desired effect. My companions and I do not intend to stop our efforts. There is now a grand connection that is so interconnected that the end is in sight, with the possibility for an explosion of awareness. But it does now need more daring; from those of you who are part of this web of connectedness with us, to speak out, act out, and be spirit first.

Continue your inner work, but be aware of the larger awareness that is brewing and stewing, and don’t be afraid to speak out about your experiences of this great pot of awareness that is waiting to be tested and tasted. Find your connection, and use it to the greatest advantage, for your self, and for those in your nearness, by your example and your deeds. Oh, and welcome to the group! And thank you for all of your efforts. They are noticed, and eagerly appreciated and taken in to the greater awareness. Energy is the key to everything. Don’t be afraid to use it!

#258 I Speak of Spirit Driven Enterprises Now

Dear Jeanne,
What kind of guidance do you have to offer us today? I’m leaving it open to you, not asking for you to accommodate my laziness, or anything else.

Prioritize your issues in all aspects of your life. Determine now, while the energy is supportive and good, what is most important to accomplish, and what is most meaningful to pursue. As the energy does continue in this time of good, allow your process now to remain positive and open to growth.

As I have spoken of now quite often, so is it of utmost importance that you allow for new things to happen by acquiescing to the possibilities that life presents to you. Remain cognizant of possibility at all times, and do not get drawn back into that which seeks to captivate you or adhere to your energy. With positive outlook, and energetic emergence within the self, pursue your intentions now more forcefully.

I encourage now a most boostful spirit, in the direction you are choosing to evolve. Develop your new habits, your new intentions; and allow your inner spirit self, that passionate aspect firing up in you, to take over now more fully. Allow the flames of this desiring spirit self to fuel your progress. It is truly time to spur onward now, knowing that you are energetically supported if your choice is meaningful and growth-oriented. Of course, I speak of spirit driven enterprises now, and not those driven by the ego, or the old desires of the body. Of course, the ego and the body are important members of your make-up, but they are not supposed to be driving your vehicle now through this energetic phase. This is an energy that is spirit supported, and the intent for growth will have most astounding results if it is focused on new emerging spirit development.

So center your energy, and your intentions for evolution, now on the spirit self, the inner desires of the self. And yes, those desires may very much be desires that involve the world outside of you. But your success in making a leap now will have successful outcomes if you are truthfully following the desires and the knowledge that your spirit speaks. If you are trying to use the energy for purposes that the ego has set up, will your success not be as great.

Temper the ego now. Quiet it down, and get to a place of calm inner centeredness. Let your spirit do the talking, and really listen to what it says. If it asks you to be a daring, spirit driven enterprising new person, then is the energy present to support this. If however, you can’t quite quiet the ego that wants, wants, wants purely for its own greedy self, and you know this, then is it a good idea to let the ego get all steamed up about its grand scheme, and then slowly deflate, letting the hot air slowly leak out. Once that puffed up ego has lost its inflation, and your inner self allows the truth to be heard, can you simply stand there a while and realize that, no, that ego stuff is not what my spirit truly wants, desires, and needs. My spirit is not greedy for things of the world. It doesn’t need to be satiated in that way. It does however, need a spiritual path, one that involves the world, but only in such a way as to feed it the right kind of energy that will allow it to become the driver of my vehicle.

Once your spirit self is in the driver’s seat, be daring. Turn down roads you have passed many times before but always wanted to investigate. Allow your self to take a ride in the car driven by your spirit self, that trusting, adventurous, compassionate, and loving inner you who is aware of the ego in the back seat, but also daring enough to ask it to buckle up, sit quietly, and allow you to do the driving now. If it screams out, or wants to leap up to the front and grab the wheel, don’t let it, for it will simply take you back to where it is familiar, and where the routes are the same, with nothing new to offer.

Keep your focus on new outlooks, new adventures, and new growth. The energy is supportive of this “spirit possession”, the inner spirit that is! The old ego possession just needs to be deflated, and strapped down, so you can make some real progress. Once you allow the real inner spirit self to emerge, and take over the steering wheel, will you discover that your entire world will change. One day you will be driving along and you will look around you and notice that your life is different now, and the world looks different too. And then the ego will acquiesce, and know that it too is safe with you in the driver’s seat, and it will be happy to stay where it is, calmly riding along in your spirit driven vehicle.

I have much more to say about this topic, but that is enough for today. Engage the positive-powered energy. Fuel your vehicle with it, and tend your inner fire most carefully now. Allow it to burn warmly and brightly within, so that you may be prepared to drive onward, knowing that you are strongly certain that you can accomplish your spirit driven tasks, and you can also handle the big ego’s attempts to sabotage your growth. We still have a long way to go, but you are doing very well, My Fine Traveling Companions. Dust off your vehicles; spiff them up for the drive ahead. Fill them up with all you need: your positive intent, your trust in your self, and your awareness of all that is supporting you, both the energy, and all the guidance in the universe. I’ll see you down the road a ways!

#257 A Fire Within

Dear Jeanne,
Thank you for the very short message yesterday. I didn’t want to type a long one, (I was feeling lazy!) so I specifically asked for “a word.” It took me a bit of time to understand what it meant for myself. I hope others discovered its meaning in their own lives. I feel like you were challenging us to do some processing.

You got what you asked for, Jan, but at the same time did I attempt to trouble you with my term, an attempt to confuse you, so you would have to do some inner work.

I had to look it up in the dictionary.

Well, that’s one way to go about it, but then you have to determine what it means to you. As with all of my messages is it most necessary to turn inward, and that is what yesterday’s brief but incendiary word was meant to do, start your inner fire, your desire to grow, and to discover what your inner passion truly is.

Okay, so for me it was about inner conflict and getting past it to a place of calm intent.

That is only one aspect of the challenge. Then to discover the fire within is the other aspect. This is what all must discover and reckon with, for the fire within, the passion of the spirit is waiting to be fed and brought to life. And yes, this fire, once fueled, will bring conflict, especially to those who fight against it, seeking to stay in a place of familiarity, rather than go with the unfamiliar, exciting and fulfilling though it may be.

So, do not disregard the flames of spirit within, for this is what a seeking life is discovering, uncovering, and feeding, so that it may flare up and burn down the old facades, so that new life, full of passion and desire, may take over. Then once the old has been razed, will the fire within settle down to a warm glow, and nestle in to a balanced and steady source of inner spirit life.

Intent will then become more focused, more contented, and more able to be utilized. You Travelers, who have been reading my messages, must continually challenge your selves. Yes, I know that you may read a message one day and “get it,” but then by the next day you’ve perhaps forgotten it, or jump eagerly for the next message. But realize that I have been seeking to teach you, day by day, a new way of living, and a new way of seeking. Many of you will see that there has been a progressive and cumulative process going on here that seeks to teach you how to take over your own practice of growth. I can only offer techniques, ideas, guidance, and perhaps a few unusual perspectives, but it is fully up to you to take on the challenge of really using what you are learning in your own life.

So, my short statement of yesterday, thanks to Jan, did seek to incite a little fire within. Did you wonder what I was trying to say? Well, in reality, I was offering you the opportunity to take over for a day. You already know what questions to ask. You know how to use your energy for growth and intent that is meaningful and good. And you already know that I expect you to work hard, and to always go innerly with your questing, no matter what is happening outside of you.

Today you might like to continue the process of conflagration within. That is up to you. But I push you always to grow, and to consider your place in that world, and what the meaning of you, and your life is now. So, that is where I leave you now. What is the meaning of you, and your life, in the context of conflagration as a term of growth?

Study your inner self for the answer. You may have concluded something yesterday, but don’t stop there. Keep going until you discover what the fire within is intended for in your life. And then allow it to do what it must in order to release and allow your passionate spirit to take over. You may be surprised at what you discover about your self and your true passions.

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR