#98 Find Fertile Ground

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us today?

Stay focused now with determination upon your path. There is little to keep you from it, for in reality is all else that pulls at you but distraction and of little real consequence. Focus on your growth and find richness in that aspect of life. Find fertile ground and nutritious fodder in spirit growth, and leave behind the wastelands that seek to pull you back to their brittle dryness.

There is now much upon that earth that dies and changes as a result of destructive behaviors and boring habits. Do not allow your resolve to be tested by such unworthy opponents. If you wish for excitement and challenge, look for it not in the past or in the unnecessaries of life, but look instead in the rich fertile lands of the inner spirit. That is where true challenge lies. That is where worthy opponents abide. That is where you will experience the greatest tests and the greatest exhilaration of life, of energy, and of true challenge, that will lead you to newness.

New lands await your discovery. New growth seeks tending. Your spirit seeks acknowledgement, acceptance, and nurturance. Where will you find this aspect of yourself? In your calm center, in your balanced stillness, in your calm knowing. This is where your new garden awaits you, inside you, rich, and fertile, and full of bounty. Seek this aspect of the self today and tend it properly; water it, cultivate it, and allow it to grow and blossom.

Swipe away from you the old distractions now and find your newness the biggest attraction now in your life. Focus on that and you will have begun a new garden. Do this for your self now and your self alone, for the self is desiring of this new life. Put aside now the old ways and accept the new self. This is good for today and every day. Seek the new fertile garden of the self.

#97 Proceed With Caution

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief message for today?

Go forward now with trepidation as protection. Use awareness and inner knowing as guides, as I have said, but contemplate also every move you make, keenly aware that each step must be correct and keep you on your path. It is not enough to take action, but one must also take caution, and this is what I ask of you today, to proceed with caution. Do not get caught by the big baby, or the lost souls who wander into your territory of growth. Your goal must remain focused on proceeding as planned, otherwise will there not only be delay, but stopping, and this would not bode well. Delay must be avoided, but stopping must be sidestepped no matter what that may mean in your life. You may have to step over someone or something in order to proceed, and this you will find difficult but right, as your inner knowing will certainly guide you to do so for progress to be made and life to proceed, as it must.

Be not afraid, but do be alert to dangers and blocks on your path. Be alert, and be sensitive, but be focused on growth, not destruction, nor the possibility of decay. Stay on your path. This is good.

#96 Be Unavailable to the Undercurrents

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance today?

Undercurrents of energetic resolution will seek to undermine your firm convictions. Do not get caught in those undercurrents though they may tug at your resolve. The solution to such tugging is to remain in calm centered stillness, in firm inner knowing, rather than drawn by old habits which will seek to disrupt the flow of your life. New life is what you seek. Do not waver from this conviction that now must remain your focus. The energy of the universe supports this, but nothing new will happen if your resolve wavers. Stay focused with intent and inner knowing as your stable guides. Remain intent upon your direction, with your path clearly in your sights. Do not look too far to the sides, or behind you, for that will only catch your attention and pull your focus from your new intended path. Life requires firm work and strong conviction. Your firmness must be grounded in your inner knowing in order to both serve and aid you on your journey.

Be unavailable to the undercurrents. Be aware of them and you will be able to navigate life, as you now should. Seek solace in knowing that you do bear the strength and conviction to stay focused, and that your evolution is granted if you remain firm in your convictions to both allow and accept the life you now live and the future you now seek. This is good. Stay focused.

#95 Watch Your Energy Today

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today?

Watch the energy today. Do not be fooled by that which is presented to you, either by the familiar or the unfamiliar. Do not fall, sabotaged by the big baby. Do not allow the wool to be pulled over your eyes. Do not become buried by the sands of time, the past that seeks to divert you from your path. I am full of warnings today because today is the day that warnings must be heeded or there will be devastating results. Be aware. That’s the best I can offer. The best advice is often to heed feelings and internal knowing, and today is the day when you must use this internal awareness and alertness to guide you. Heed the knowing of your deepest self and do not fall prey to the wishes of others or the big babies around you, including your own. Big babies must lie quietly asleep today. Be stable, steady, and focused on your path as the energy seeks to disrupt. This is what today brings. Maintain calm centeredness and you will do well.

#94 Uncover Now Your Inner Potential

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a brief message for today?

Uncover now your inner potential. Do not leave it hidden and unused any longer. Now is the time to tap into this unlimited asset that many do not even understand. But that does not matter. Understanding will come at a later date, for now just allow it to guide you. See were it takes you, then follow it willingly and readily, for it will guide you correctly. You will need to practice detachment from the pulls of the world, and the ego, and the big baby inside you that seek to distract and keep you in a state of ungrowth. But your choice now is growth, so what are you waiting for? Your inner potential wants discovering, and wants usage, and desires that you learn this aspect of the self, your full spirit potential, your inner truth, and your inner knowing. Allow these aspects of the self to guide you and you will do well. Believe me, everything will be fine if you dare to follow your truth, though the road may, at times, seem rough. But in reality will the road be rough anyway, but it is up to you how you choose to ride that rocky road. Do you choose to go with spirit, unlimited, and eager, or do you choose to go with reluctance, and your big baby dragging along, fretful, and annoying. Come on, you travelers. Let’s go!

Chuck Ketchel, LCSWR