Soulbyte for Friday March 4, 2016

A time of suffering leads to a time of renewal. You can’t have renewal and transformation without suffering and sacrifice. That’s just the way it is. Abide in knowing that though you may suffer now, your own transformation is in the works. Use this time well, knowing that it will run its course just as the seasons change, just as the ice melts and the warm spring comes again after each cold winter. Transformation’s seeds lie waiting inside you. You are the winter’s ice and the spring’s warmth, bringing change when the time is ripe.

Transformation will happen. It is as inevitable as the sun’s rising each day and the darkness of each night. Have patience, but also learn as much as you can about yourself and what it means to suffer a transformation. As you personally suffer bear also the fruits of compassion, love, and kindness for others who also suffer so that your suffering will be of use beyond the self. For all who suffer now are on a path that is universal and will bring universal transformation. You are in the company of good energy.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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