Soulbyte for Monday February 18, 2019

Find your way to forgiving yourself so that you may move on with renewed vigor now, focused not on what you have done, what you perceive you may have done, been subjected to, or caused, but only on what you have before you—life, in all its glory and uncertainty. For without chains of regret, ties of resentment, binds of discord you are freed to truly live. It’s not about what you have done, nor about what others have done to you, but about what you will do now in the future with the knowledge you have gained, the wisdom you have earned, and the love you say you understand and own now. Your first order of business is to free yourself, forgive yourself, and embrace all that you are capable of because you have earned your place in the world as an evolving being. Isn’t it time to be who you really are? Without fear can you embrace and really love yourself, imperfect as you are? Can you fully forgive yourself and begin anew. That’s your next step.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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