Soulbyte for Monday September 3, 2018

With persistence comes success, the honed ability to achieve a goal, the outcome that leads to a perception of having achieved the ultimate challenge. And yet with success comes also the next challenge, a new goal to achieve, new skills to hone. For life calls always for movement, for change, for the bar to be raised ever higher, the mind to expand, the body to keep astride of the heart’s desire for expansion and the soul’s need for something more. That something more is the source of life’s yearning for experience and the accumulation of energy that is everlasting, the soul’s intent to eternally grow and evolve. Live life in this ┬ámanner, with persistence, from the heart, so that fulfillment of something greater than material accumulation becomes the goal and so that your soul rejoices in every day’s decisions and achievements. As you take your daily journey, let each step be as important as the next, filled with joy that you are fully available to walk this day in a new direction. With love, kindness, and compassion as your motivation, carry on.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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