Soulbyte for Wednesday March 21, 2018

Find solace in knowing that every ending is a new beginning, that life flows from life, that one thing leads to another, that one step is followed by the next, that life is a series of steps making a journey, each one as important and significant as the one before and the one yet to come. Get in alignment with the flow of your own life and take the next step on your journey full of awe for how it has unfolded thus far and full of wonder for what comes next. Life is always ready to greet you and welcome you with equal awe and wonder no matter how many steps you have already taken, how many times you have stumbled, or how many new beginnings you’ve been granted. Today is another new day. Another new step, another new beginning, and another new moment of awe has already begun!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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