Soulbyte for Wednesday January 17, 2018

Life is a mix of comedy and woe, of highs and lows, of good and bad, of beauty and sorrow, and yet these things matter less and less as one comes into balance and harmony within the self. Then life and its mixes, its ups and downs, become the melody by which one knows it is time to get to know oneself at a deeper level. Rather than getting pulled to extremes, they become the events that ground one further in the world of mystery and wonder, as one seeks to know oneself better and more fully. Use life and its trials and thrills to put oneself on notice to show up, pay attention, and learn as much as you can in each moment. There is always a great lesson to learn. What lesson will today bring? Learn it with eyes wide open, mind ready, and eagerness in your heart. However it comes, may it guide you to knowing yourself on a deeper level.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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