Soulbyte for Thursday September 14, 2017

Study nature, its unpredictability, its dependability, its beauty, its fury, how it is one way and then another, fine and fantastic then cruel and harsh. The human being is a creature of nature, living in nature, part of it all. Your survival depends on what nature provides. Even though you may feel far from what you consider nature it surrounds you with day and night, light and dark, wind and clouds, rain and snow. You can’t escape it.

Study it. Respect it. Be in awe of it, for it is both your kindest friend and your worst enemy. It can hurt and harm or soothe and delight. Make peace with its dichotomies, its fickleness and its abrupt changes, as well as its peaceful beauty. Get along with it by being kind and attentive to the earth, your true mother, who provides you with so much. Study her, get to know her intimately. It may be your only recourse in a rapidly changing world.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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