Soulbyte for Tuesday September 5, 2017

Healing comes from within, from knowing the self at the deepest level, from knowing why and how one has arrived at a place of illness, of sickness of heart, of boredom with life, of pain, fear, panic or depression, etc. Healing comes from shining a light as big and bright as a full moon on a clear night and seeing the honest truth, deciding to own it and use it as the healing balm. Healing comes from within the self, in accepting what is and using it to change how one sees and uses the self, how one chooses, decides, and proceeds once the light has shined and the truth has been revealed, for just knowing is not enough. Healing comes by going within and sitting with the truth, healing the self by fully accepting it, embracing it, and doing what needs to be done to release the energy of it, one step at a time.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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