A Message for Humanity from Jeanne: A New Sisterhood

It is time for women to come together, to take the torch of loving kindness and compassion from she who has gone before and carry it forward. Time to stop bickering, name calling, judging, and pointing fingers at each other and instead value, respect, and appreciate one another for your diversities and talents. It is in a new sisterhood of loving heart that the world will find its right path again.

It is in the woman who holds the place of gounding in emotion, feeling, and love that the world will be the all-inclusive, compassionate place you all seek. It is truly the time of the feminine though it may be hard to see that right now, but it is in the overthrow of the dominant masculine that rules the world that this will become apparent.

Women, do your work quietly, soberly, in step with Mother Nature and her nature inside you, for you are the embodiment of life and love, feared by many, but do not fear it in yourself, for if you do not tend the torch of love it will go out.

Do not flaunt your power or show all your cards but keep in your knowing heart the calm truth that the heart always wins in the end. Stay calm and carry the torch quietly within. Do your duty to self and other in steady and humble work, keeping the intent of change always in your heart. This you know you are fully capable of.

This is not the time of the angry, arrogant, or overpowering goddess but the time of the nurturing loving goddess. Learn what that means as you embody her and all will be well in the world.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan and Jeanne

(This message was channeled early on Wednesday morning November 9, 2016 when it was confirmed that Donald Trump had been elected 45th President of the United States.)

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