Soulbyte for Monday November 7, 2016

Begin your day with gentleness for self and other knowing that though you may stand firm upon your own legs, your direction plotted, your intentions set, that all things come to pass according to the laws of nature and that means that though you are of one mind you may have to convert to another if you are to seamlessly flow with the nature of all things. Let nature be your guide, for its changing ways will teach you fluidity, strength, and fortitude, no matter the changes that occur.

Life, it goes on, from one day to the next, weaving its endless tales of change. Keep in synch knowing that all is unfolding as is necessary and, when necessary, change the self too. Go with the flow, part of it all and yet individually standing alone. That is how one remains strong and steady. Let the day begin!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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