Soulbyte for Friday October 28, 2016

Environmental tragedies, complicated relationships, male and female discord and strife, unusual events and significant occurrences of all kinds are bound to occur due to the times you live in. Oddnesses become the norm, a sign of evolutionary energy. Bear the tension with compassion and grace, for these are the changing times bringing you forward into a new era where the meek will rise up and the ugly lie down.

Let not your discord overpower you but ride the waves of change with an open and eager heart, even while you hold to your convictions of what is right for the planet, for all beings, and for the greater good. Hold others accountable, but hold yourself accountable too, to the truth, at all times. Life is in changing mode. It’s time, whether you are ready or not.

Bear the pain of change, even as you embrace it for its ability to bring on that which is inevitable. It’s where you are headed anyway. How do you want to go? Swept along or with awareness? Consciously or unconsciously? It’s up to you. It’s always your choice. No matter what is at hand, big or little event, you choose your own approach, attitude, and sentiment.

This is really a change into the season of the heart. Can you just love?

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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