Soulbyte for Friday August 19, 2016

Be fully present and let life itself guide you on your journey. Even as you look outside of you, beyond the self, know that your own life and what is inside you offer all that you need. In your daily tasks, in your routines, in your dreams, and in what unfolds throughout your day find the bounty you seek. It just depends on how deeply you look, how innocently you ask, and how sincerely you present yourself to the riches at your feet. It also depends on how you decide to interpret it all. But know that in your troubles and your pain, in your tiredness and your boredom, in your shame and your guilt, in your fear and your fight exists the nuggets of gold that will lead you to your bounty and your joy. Life, it offers what you need, the way and the means. Journey on!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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