Soulbyte for Wednesday June 15, 2016

To gain consciousness and remain conscious are the most important aspects of a seeking life. And what is consciousness? It is awareness of all that is, seen and unseen, the striving to know the self and the world, how you and it work at the deepest and most mysterious of levels, the whys and hows of your existence. Strive each day to remain conscious of the self, in both your inner and outer environment, as you walk your path and journey through your life. Make each step one of awareness and openness to all that is. Remain aware of not falling back into the realm of unconsciousness where only oblivion and disorientation await, alongside the sorrows of faulty ideals and life unlived. A rich life requires consciousness and barely anything else. Seek that and you will be happy for all of your days!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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