Soulbyte for Monday June 13, 2016

Choices matter. Decisions are crucial, even the smallest ones have impact. Your life, you see, is largely under your jurisdiction. You are in charge of what you choose to think and do. Even so, many things occur that you have no control over, for you are like nature. In the natural world the wind blows, rain falls, sun shines, clouds gather, night comes, all uncalled for and yet, they occur. Life is not one big sunny day and that has to be accepted. It flows as a meandering river, known for its power, its beauty, its swirling eddies and you flow with it. A part of you knows that all is as it should be and that around the next bend lies something new and unexpected, and that too is acceptable. A part of you knows that it is what is, and it is good, that each day you are being taught what it’s all about. How you choose to accept your life matters. Are you going with the flow?

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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