Soulbyte for Saturday May 28, 2016

New beginnings are part of life but so are endings. In between the two come the often painful steps of transformation. There is no getting around it, things end, life ends, relationships end. Then comes the opportunity for something new, for the bursting forth of new life. Such is the time of now; the difficult time of transition is underway around the world. Bearing the tension with humility, compassion, and grace will win out over hatred, bigotry, isolation and fear. Bringing the gift of hope and love into your own process of transformation will overpower all that is negative within and without. Eventually a new peace will reign.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday May 27, 2016

There is no formula for change except that which appears to guide you and lead you along on your journey. Pay attention to your dreams, for they explain that which is unseen and unknown during the day. Pay attention to what happens during the day, for that shows you clearly what you cannot see in the dark. Both worlds, light and dark, work in concert. The only formula you need is your own awareness and attention to detail, for it is in the details that your secrets lie. Do not dismiss anything. Even the smallest and most insignificant snippet of a dream may reveal the whole shebang, so pay attention!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Thursday May 26, 2016

Sometimes, in order to get things to move along, you have to make the first move, a part of you has to be the instigator of change. An instigator studies, does research, knows the playing field, all strengths and weaknesses of an opponent, and then goes in with decisiveness, intent upon hitting the mark. Such is the job of the spirit when it knows that the journey of change has stagnated. It will bring you something to move things along. Your spirit knows you very well. How well do you know it? You might want to investigate it, study and research how it operates. It could be to your advantage, especially as it gets ready to provide you with your next opportunity to move in a new direction!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Wednesday May 25, 2016

To change is challenging. There’s no doubt about it! All parts of the self scream for attention, wanting you to stay the same, except one part—your spirit! And that spirit is delighted, for it has waited so long for you to do this, so listen to what it says rather than all those other parts. It will tell you to stop or to go, yes or no, now or later. It will ask for patience, compliance, submission to the process that is uniquely unfolding within you. And that is all that matters right now, you and your unfolding journey with your spirit of change. Be guided and at peace, for you are in the good hands of your own Self. And remember, every part of that journey is meaningful!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: The Healing Ticket

In the mystery play of our time, Donald Trump is emerging as Helios, the sun god, a golden redeemer. The stronghold of reason is crumbling and the hunger for divine renewal appears to be landing upon his golden locks.

A religious fervor is stirring in the masses, in all of us. The renewal we really crave is transcendent ecstatic experience. The problem with Donald’s solution is his complete identification with ego as divine Self. In other words, total exaltation of the ego with divine imperative. “Make America Great Again,” as catchy as it is, is complete ego coronation, as it solves the destruction of the world through a restoration of the myth that America is God’s chosen one whose grand imperative is purification and masculine power domination.

The mystery play denies the necessity to take the journey into the depths of the earth to face the truth of the destruction and neglect of the feminine, of its divinity and source of healing and renewal.

How high can we go before we suffer the fate of Icarus? - Photo by Jan Ketchel
How high can we go before we suffer the fate of Icarus?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Trump reflects the ego in all its might—Helios the sun god obliterating all the darkness in its one-sided enlightenment. This is a very personal story for all earth inhabitants. We all have ego selves, that which governs our decisions and actions in life. Ego of our time is dominated by reason. But reason, for all its order, is deplete of body experience. Reason is localized in the head; it is abstract, dissociated from our true animal aliveness.

Our modern religions are dominated by reason, they don’t link us to the living substance within ourself. This is why the modern world is addicted; addiction is our hidden pagan compensation to partake of the divine substance so critical to sustain life. Of course, addiction is equally as one-sided as reason—it knows no limits, like Icarus, who imagined himself as Helios and melted from getting too close to the heat of the sun, falling to his death upon the earth.

Trump is the ultimate symbol of the addict: we can have it all, he says, there are no limits! This is the collective masculine ego’s last stand and it is empowered by ego identification with divine energy, with God, but like Icarus it is really just ego unleashed and if I am reading it correctly, it can only go so high before it is doomed to go down.

This hunger for divine experience has been burgeoning beneath the rule of reason for too long, and the charismatic Trump advantage lies in its fervor. This truly is what happened in Nazi Germany. The irrational fervor latent in the German Volk was galvanized by a charismatic leader who extolled purification and masculine domination, overtaking their cultured humanity and sending them, and the rest of the world, into the darkest time in recent modern history.

To learn from history would be to not repeat it. Collective energy, including all that fervor, is made up of the energy of individuals. To separate the individual self from the collective is Step One, while at the same time accepting the truth that as individuals we are still a microcosm of the collective. The advantage of individuality, however, is one of manageability. For however vast the challenge, it is possible for the individual to take the plunge into the full truth of the many-sided self, where all the ancient mysteries and transformations are possible, without harm to the collective.

Individuals can assume responsibility for themselves, and must, as historical fact shows that collectives are largely impossible to control. Unfortunately, there is now a curious total absence of individual responsibility, in fact, things are devolving into something of a mass blood thirst. The time is ripe for the individual to take responsibility, one person at a time. Let’s hope we are not too late!

Squaring with the divine within the fires of the self... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Squaring with the divine within the fires of the self…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

To begin immediate and active participation in becoming responsible, each individual can square with the divine masculine and the divine feminine within the self, each finding their own unique and individual way to the Middle Way, the ultimate goal within and without. It is impossible to define that Middle Way on a collective level, for all must find legitimate balance and reconciliation within all that one is made up of, within the self.

If enough people can make the effort to find their way to this Tao within, the world will find its way to the healing ticket too!

Squaring with the divine,