Soulbyte for Sunday February 28, 2016

Know yourself as a being of inner deepness and integrity, as well as a being capable of external power and force. Both of these aspects, the inner contemplative self and the outer self of action, are important components of life. To neglect one is to neglect the other. To pay too much attention to one over the other is to be a one-sided being. Yet, the truth is, you are a multi-sided, multi-dimensional being who seeks knowledge of and balance of all aspects of self.

Find out who you are in both your inner world and your outer world by being as deep as you can be as well as by being as fully present as you can be, in balance and alignment with what is right for your life and the times you live in. If you are honest with self and other, and strive always to do what is good and right, balance and alignment will meet you and join you in your efforts to achieve harmony and a life of meaning. Don’t give up!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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