Soulbyte for Monday January 25, 2016

Shadows are present day and night, the parts of the self ignored, compromised, or habitually dominant. Watch what you wish for. It may not be the best thing for you at the moment, a manifestation of some unlived part that is better off left in the shadows. On the other hand, the shadow self must become fully known if one is to truly “know thy self.” All aspects of self are valid and must be explored. The question then becomes: Is it the right time to turn to the shadow, or is it time to turn to the light?

Both extremes are you, but somewhere in between is your balance, where light and shadow are fully known and accepted, kept in balance without excess in either direction, all parts recognizable and easily utilized or put to rest when appropriate. When light and shadow are in proper perspective, all of life is in proper perspective. That is balance!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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