Soulbyte for Saturday January 2, 2016

The work of the Self is continually stressed, for it is the most important project assigned to humankind. Who are you? Why are you there? What is your purpose? How can you be of use to others? These are the questions that are naturally answered as one does the work of the Self, taking the inner journey to fulfillment.

It’s okay if one does not choose to delve into the inner world. It just means that the outer world will become that much more challenging and in the end there will be another go at the same challenges in the next life. However, the choice to face challenges now, and to resolve them, brings one closer to knowing the Self on the deepest levels, bringing the answers to some of life’s deepest questions.

You are what you choose, but you are also what you are already, that which is revealed and that which is not yet revealed. Are you not curious about who you will become, the potential inside you, the beauty and love that wait to more fully emerge?

Time marches on. What are you doing to keep up with it? What will you choose to discover about the Self in this year? Remember: It’s all an adventure!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne, with a little bit of Chuck!

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