Soulbyte for Monday December 7, 2015

All things that must be will come to pass. All that must live will live in some form. No one can really control anything, for control is just an illusion, for all that seeks life will have life, for life is energy, a force of nature. To fully participate, positively, and with willingness and good energy is the only means of applying some kind of pressure to what happens in life. To fully meet life with right attitude, with curiosity, and to align with it is far better than trying to control that which cannot be controlled.

Challenging as it may be, life asks you to go along with it, but spirit asks you to do it with awareness. Learn what that means each day as life unfolds as it is wont to do, in its own manner, but always use your own energy to good advantage.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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