Soulbyte for Tuesday October 20, 2015

What should you do with the restless energy? Notice how it makes you feel. Notice also what is happening around the world, the unrest, the chaos, the violence. Study it. Ask your spirit to guide you to right action, to empty mind, to pure thought and deed, and to avoid the chaos and confusion now sweeping the world. Do not allow it to sweep through you.

Keep calm and centered, focused on your path of heart. It is the only thing that will bring the change so necessary and the change you so desire. It is your only choice at this moment in time if you are to remain in alignment with nature, for it is the season of retreat and preparation for what is to come. Don’t try to control or manipulate anything; you won’t succeed. Follow nature’s model and fall into alignment, draw inward, and remain calm.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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