Soulbyte for Friday October 2, 2015

Freedom comes only when one finally frees oneself from that which lies within, from that which imprisons one long after the prison bars are gone, long after the time of actual imprisonment is over. To imprison oneself is as defeating as being held in check by another. Freedom is a sense of being, a sense of knowing that you are worthy, acceptable, and that your life’s experiences made you strong, understanding, and desirous of more than the mundanities of life.

But such things of freedom and worth can only be delivered by the truths of the inner self being exposed to the truths of the outer self. Jailer and jailed are one and the same. Until they free each other, freedom will remain on the outskirts of life, a distant dream. Dream bigger. Dream beyond the place of stagnation, sadness, and fear. You hold the key. Use it.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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