Soulbyte for Saturday October 31, 2015

A path with heart is not straight like an arrow but winding, full of curves, ups and downs, bending as a bow. Intent, however, like an arrow shot forth with a steady hand, does not waver. It stays true as to its direction and always hits the mark, aligning with the heart’s knowing that though the path may be uneven and the journey rough the heart got it right.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Soulbyte for Friday October 30, 2015

Wake up in the dream that is now, for there is nothing more important than this life you are now living. Remember. Notice that you have dreamed this dream before, searched for the same treasures, sought the same meaning, done the same things countless times. Remember why you are there again. Wake up in the dream; it’s real.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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Soulbyte for Thursday October 29, 2015

Winds blow. Leaves fall. Winter comes. Sun shines. New life eventually forms. Nature dictates that all things occur at the right moment. Nothing can change that. Human impatience may create havoc as nature may not be ready for that which is so desired. Learn the patience of nature. It is not just a virtue but a necessity.

Abide by the dictates of nature: All things come to pass in a step-by-step unfolding, right in every way. Thus patience leads to fruition. Ripening will occur at the perfect time and under perfect conditions. Nothing you do can change that. Practice patience.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Chuck’s Place: From Specialness To Super Love

One of our animal co-inhabitants... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
One of our animal co-inhabitants…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

What distinguishes us from our animal co-inhabitants on this planet is ego. Animals live and limit their lives through their neatly defined instincts, which tell them when it’s time to eat, procreate, and defend, and when it’s time to turn off those instinctive drives. Animals don’t overeat, overpopulate, or over defend.

In contrast, the human animal, burdened with the added instinct of ego, must contend with the ego’s instinct to exert its power over the other basic instincts, as well as obtain a high level of validation from others as to its value, lovability, and importance.

Being the newest instinct on the evolutionary block, ego suffers from a basic immaturity in self-regulation and a deep insecurity as to its true worth as it takes up its place among the older, more well-established instincts housed in the human body.

The ego longs to feel special in an effort to override its deep uncertainty over its ability to manage the personality, the body, and the overall direction of its human life. Its insatiable need for validation draws it to seek constant attention from the world to assure it of its worth and desirability.

In fact, what we call love, co-opted by ego, is often an attempt to fill this deep hole of insecurity with a sense of specialness mirrored through the attention obtained through a partner. In fact, ego considers it its inalienable, birth-given right to feel special. The ego’s litmus test for true love is the ability of another to make it feel special.

Often the ego gives with the hidden motive of being validated for its “selflessness,” as well as to be given to in return. Carlos Castaneda never tired of pointing out this merchant mentality underlying our definition of love. He challenged us to consider that true love was a blank check, given not from a place of codependency but from a purely loving place, no strings attached.

Robert Monroe defined this refinement of love as Super Love (SL). He writes: “SL is a continuous radiation, totally nondependent upon like reception or any other form of return whatsoever. SL is.”

Super Moon Love... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Super Moon Love…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Monroe learned, during his many explorations of life beyond the body, that SL is an energy that exists throughout the dimensions, beyond life in this world.

However, life in this world offers one of the best places to access and refine SL, through the experiential evolutionary learning opportunities available through our many incarnations in this world.

The raw material of Super Love is to be found in the nurturing, sexual, romantic, and dependent relationships we long for and experience in our many lives and roles in this world.

The utter necessity for emotional attachment to begin life and to thrive in this world, coupled with the ego’s long path to maturity as it grapples with its identity and value, causes it to grasp for love with its brand of specialness for many lifetimes.

Ultimately, the insatiability of its quest and the emptiness of its fulfillment set the stage for the ego to come clean and admit the difference between its neediness and true Super Love.

Once this is realized, the ego it also ready to realize that the latent energy of SL has been veiled behind its quest for specialness all along. Ego comes to understand that attachment is really an attempt to solve its insecurities and that being special has really been all about assuaging those insecurities.

Once ego is ready to give up its ventures in specialness it gains access to the radiance of Super Love.

What it's all about... - Art & Photo by Jan Ketchel
What it’s all about…
– Art & Photo by Jan Ketchel

Super Love is totally detached from specialness and reciprocity. Super Love is. It radiates. It isn’t offended. It encompasses all.

We all have it. We all are it. And if we are here, we are also deeply engaged in the process of refining it.



Quote from Robert Monroe, Far Journeys, p. 257.

Soulbyte for Wednesday October 28, 2015

What is the use of excess, of too much? In the material world excess can be destructive, more often than not it serves no purpose. Nature does not like excess. The body does not like excess. The spirit does not like excess.

When is excess good? Only when it is shared is too much of anything useful, but even such sharing has its issues. Rather than seek excess, seek enough, expect enough, give enough.

Look to your heart to speak of its contentment with all things. As it strives for balance, let your body tell you what is right. As your own nature seeks its limits, let it be naturally flowing and at ease. Balance, contentment, and equilibrium in all things will settle naturally as you walk your path of heart and then you will easily feel and know what is enough, within and without.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne