Soulbyte for Wednesday September 16, 2015

To break with a pattern of behavior, to extricate the self from a situation that is no longer healthy is often a slow and daunting process. There are those who can simply walk away and there are those who must struggle in place, but in both cases the real crux of the issue that one seeks to leave and move on from must still be dealt with. More often than not it is really something embedded deeply inside the self, a hidden fear, idea or insecurity that must itself be extricated from its own hideout and sent on its way.

To hide out from life in fear and insecurity is really only detrimental to the self. In finding out the core issue that keeps happiness at bay, facing it and eradicating it through full exploration of it is most likely the only way to salvation. Do not fear that process, for deep within the self you will also find all the strength, safety and trust you need. Trust yourself enough and you can do anything.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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