Soulbyte for Thursday September 10, 2015

Change may take some time to institute. Sometimes it is easier to make incremental changes, working daily toward a goal. Sometimes it is easier to simply and abruptly shift into a new mode. However one goes about it the decision to change is usually a good one if one’s purpose is to grow and evolve, to allow the self to expand and have new and beneficial experiences.

To change simply because one is restless or feels a need for something new, however, may not be the best time. Far better to sit with the restlessness or need until it becomes clear what it is. It may not be in fact a need to change at all but a need to remain steady and present where one already is. For often it is in the sitting, in the confrontation with what is that one changes the most. Not all change requires action. Some change just requires a shift in mood or idea. Sometimes just a change is thinking is all you need to spark new life.

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