Soulbyte for Tuesday September 1, 2015

It is good to attune to the energy around you, to study it for how it disturbs, how it seeks attachment, how like magic it seems to conjures more of itself. A warrior is always aware of energy because it is a warrior’s goal to use it appropriately, to fullest advantage, and to ignore it when necessary. A warrior knows that it is the inner energy, and the energy of goodness, kindness and compassion that deserves attention, that needs to be honed and made usable.

A warrior’s goal is to always have enough energy, for in the end it is all that one is and a warrior knows that to be without enough energy at the crucial moments in life could mean the difference between advancing and staying behind. In either case, a warrior seeks to know what truly is, and does not get drawn in or caught by what seems to be.

And so, many decisions are made based on energy alone where no other criteria exists and no other elements matter. Often the best choice to be made is an energy one. How will you choose to use your energy today? What is the best choice to make?

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