Soulbyte for Friday July 31, 2015

The solution lies within. So does the question. To “go within” requires nerves of steel, for to dive into the unknown self is always fraught with fear, one of the greatest dangers known to the human being, keeping one from truly living. A warrior knows that to fully “go within” means to be ready to do life’s greatest Q & A test—that which will bring the deepest satisfaction and fulfillment, though the journey to fulfillment may entail many other journeys as well.

The warrior faces the challenge of fear as if it were an illusion, for it does not truly exist except as it is conjured and prescribed importance. Nerves of steel are the warrior’s greatest asset against fear. Something to conjure up and use to full advantage as you take your journey into the unknown, as you go within and face all your inner Q & A tests!

A warrior knows that so much more awaits on the other side. And so a warrior dons nerves of steel every day, keeping always in mind the ultimate goal: freedom from all illusions.

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