Lessons in a Life: Who Is Trying To Get Your Attention?

Beings on the other side are trying to get our attention all the time. Jeanne has told us this numerous times and Chuck recently read me a passage from Robert Monroe’s Far Journeys insinuating the same thing.

“What if a fly pestering us is just another being trying to get our attention?” Chuck wondered.

Hard to get a fly to pose, but this little wasp did just fine... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Hard to get a fly to pose, but this little wasp did just fine…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

That same day, as I took an early morning walk, a fly appeared. My earlier conversation with Chuck immediately came to mind. Was this a being attempting contact? The fly pestered me, buzzing in my face.

“Okay,” I said to the fly. “What are you trying to tell me?” It bumped repeatedly into my forehead, right at the level of the third eye. “Stay connected to my psychic self, to my intuitive perceptions? Okay, I will!” And with that the fly buzzed off and I was left in peace.

Later that morning, I struggled with having to do a chore that I felt obligated to do, mostly out of guilt. Was it right to do, or was it just my guilt driving me to do it? I waited. Something didn’t feel right. A part of me implied that waiting was the right action. Every time I thought about this chore I paused; I waited.

After a while, I flipped a coin. Was I being avoidant or should I just do the chore? The coin said no, don’t do it. Should I do it later in the day? I asked the coin. No, don’t do it later, the coin answered. Should I do it at noon? I finally asked. No, the coin said. It seemed that no matter what I asked the answer was going to be no.

I am aware that there is a part of me that knows things that my conscious self does not know. This part doesn’t act hastily. I’ve learned to pay attention though, because it has proven to be right on so many occasions. The fly that had buzzed in my face earlier in the day was reminding me of this part of myself, the psychic self, a part that we all have. It’s just waiting for us to discover it, just as the passage we were reading in Monroe’s book suggested that other beings are trying to get our attention too.

I resolved to pay attention to the message from the fly, to my psychic self, and the coin. I didn’t act. I just waited. In a little while, the reason for waiting came. I didn’t have to do the chore because someone else, who really should have done it, phoned to let me know it would be done.

Trying to remain open, like the first daisy to bloom this year... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Trying to remain open, like the first daisy to bloom this year…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Had I done it out of guilt I would have pandered to an old part of myself. Instead I sat in the uncomfortable tension of waiting and faced my reasons for feeling guilty. In the end, I discovered that had I acted impulsively, just doing what I normally do out of guilt, I would have been guilty of an old behavior! Instead, I felt so relieved that I didn’t, that I paid attention to the fly, to the coin and to what my psyche was telling me. In the end, by waiting I experienced what the fly seemed to be insinuating, guidance IS available if you are open to the experience of it.

In the end, I learned two things: to listen to my psychic self and that guilt is no guide!

Remaining open,

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