Soulbyte for Friday June 5, 2015

During this time of change some people are experiencing great shifts, moves, displacements, forced change and elected change alike. If you are feeling no change, there is nothing wrong with you. Remember change comes when it is appropriate. But also remember that the energy of this change is significant and so you ARE feeling it in some way.

Though your own big shifts may have come at another time, or are yet to come, you are still affected. People you know are affected, or fully participating, and so your own energy, sensitive as it is, naturally is affected too.

Find your balance, your equilibrium, no matter what your situation is. Stay upon your intended path and without swings of mood, desire or need, allow yourself to use this time of retrograde energy to build a strong tower within the self, a tower of love, kindness and compassion. And, without attachment, reside there knowing that your life is just as it should be in this moment. And then make the most of it, for your own evolutionary karmic journey.

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