Soulbyte for Thursday June 4, 2015

Keep changing! Each day make an effort to live differently, to think differently, to perceive differently, and to act differently. Keep the new and changing self on the spiritual path of understanding so that your path of heart is always lit from the curious and eager light of learning. Keep kindness in your heart for all beings, even those who know no path of heart, who merely exist in their human form, who resist and deny their spiritual connection to all else in existence, seen and unseen.

To live life differently is to constantly be on the alert for synchronicities and deeper explanations of your experiences, to enjoy each day as a great exploration into an unknown dimension where everything is possible, where everything is apt to change and reveal its truth, including your Self.

Do everything with openness and joy, with awareness of your spiritual, karmic path through life, of your transformational journey, and all your days will be different, and so will you!

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