Soulbyte for Friday May 29, 2015

New things begin to take precedence as a process of change progresses. The mind and body may feel deserted as old habits and behaviors are left behind, as old thoughts are refused, as old worlds are departed from and the joys and conflicts of the new journey encountered. As the connection to spirit and true self grows stronger other parts of the self may protest, feeling disconnected and even deserted. In truth, all parts are shifting and coming into new alignment and so each day must be greeted as a totally new experience in a new body self.

A changing self requires attention to all parts. And so, a gentle and kind attitude toward both the old and the new selves is important, even as they shift into new alignment with each other, and even as they change within themselves. A changing self is in a magical process of total transformation, morphing from one state into another. After all, making new connections of any kind, within and without, can be quite shocking to all systems and yet, with the gentleness and kindness now required by all aware beings fully activated, your journey to fuller spirit and spiritual awakening may progress without a hitch or glitch.

A warrior knows that the only thing that matters is staying on the path. Change will come anyway, but a warrior is always ready to greet and engage and learn from the experiences of choices made, knowing that they are all part of the journey. And so a warrior accepts what life presents and remains focused and intent. And if a warrior stumbles it is only a moment before the path is found again and the journey resumed with renewed vigor, the heart’s intent acknowledged as of the upmost importance.

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