Soulbyte for Thursday May 28, 2015

A process of change brings with it permission to become a new being, to shift into not only a new being on the outside but a new being on the inside as well. As the challenges of change are confronted and worked through, inklings of new life begin to trickle into conscious awareness. Physical changes emerge too.

Though desires, habits, and even laziness may attempt a takeover, the longer one stays upon the path of change the less powerful those old entities become. Soon they have no charge at all but are merely shadows of a past life. Soon the energy of new life is fully lived in the light of the changing self.

The path of change is always right there offering its opportunities, daring that a step be taken upon its promises for new life. Let that powerful energy of change take you from out of the old and into something new. You will not be disappointed. Even though the way may present some tricky situations and some challenging confrontations, if you are intent you will succeed. So keep going. If you are to be overpowered by anything let it be by the powerful energy of change!

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