Soulbyte for Wednesday May 27, 2015

A time of change and transition may cause deeper issues within the self to surface, previously unknown or unattended emotions, memories, or traumas. As changes without bring changes within submerged feelings may arise, truths may make themselves known. Coping with what comes is part of a process of change, requiring, as time goes on, attention to the self on many levels. You may feel strained or tired, but these are natural occurrences and should be accepted and dealt with as such.

Gentleness and kindness are good partners to invite along and cultivate as you journey on your path of change. Even while remaining on the new path, firmly grounded in new convictions and greeting the everyday experiences of these changing times, remain in alignment with the deeper self and the deeper intent and meaning of change: that it is leading you forward into new and vibrant life. A path of change may be the most difficult of paths, but it is also a selfless, courageous act, most beneficial for ALL of life.

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