Soulbyte for Thursday May 14, 2015

Remember to keep compassion in your heart for the struggles of self and others. Every journey is unique, every life equally so. It may not always be clear what your own life challenge is though that of others may clearly stand out. Find your own challenge in that which you despise or fear in others, in that which you find most annoying and most testy in life. The real challenge begins with reconciling with your feelings and discovering what they mean to you personally.

To discover one’s life challenge is to finally confront what lies behind one’s reason for living in the first place. Then one will also find one’s purpose, if one is intent upon it. Not all people, however, will find their reason for living this time around, and that has to be accepted. But if one decides that life is more than meets the eye then one will have found the true mystery of life, and a seed will have been planted.

In facing the mysteries of true reality one will discover that one’s life and one’s journey are most meaningful. And that’s a good place to begin. Remember, compassion begins with the self. And that’s a good place to begin too!

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