Soulbyte for Thursday April 30, 2015

To think that you have control of anything is a fallacy. Your sense of control is alignment with what is necessary for you to experience at the moment and often that is to have the experience of utter control. And yet, there will come a time when you will have to let go, for that is the law of nature. Nature will let you have your way, but in the end nature will always have its way. And what will you do then?

The only thing to do is acquiesce, in one way or another, to change; for that is the ultimate and final challenge for all of life and all of nature, to change, to transform, to evolve. It is the path of all life. So why are you still so afraid?

Don’t just let change happen to you. Be the changing being that you truly are and with open arms embrace the opportunity for new life. Nature will wholeheartedly embrace you back. There is nothing to fear except the loss of something that you do not control to begin with.

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