Soulbyte for Wednesday April 29, 2015

Decisions matter. What you decide to do and how you go about doing it matters. There is a certain responsibility that comes with declaring that you will do something. There is expectation and resultant outcome. Words matter. Actions matter. Followthrough matters. If you decide to do something, make sure it is the right thing to do and then set about undertaking it with honesty, humbleness, and good intentions.

A warrior does not make flippant decisions but calculates how best to use energy for self and other. Without being withholding, yet aware of energy usage, a warrior knows how to be generous and giving. A warrior’s decisions are always in alignment with what is right from all angles and for all involved.

A warrior’s actions are honed over time so that eventually a warrior acts decisively without need of much contemplation. A warrior simply knows what is right and right action comes swiftly and naturally.

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