Soulbyte for Tuesday April 28, 2015

To be generous of spirit is a given, but generosity must be kept in balance, for it tends to spill over into overdoing and overindulgence and then it is out of whack. To remain in balance is the key to a modest and generous life filled with the giving and taking that is naturally part of existence. But there is a thin and slippery line between what is good and what is right and generosity rides that line, oftentimes quite sensibly and at other times out of control.

Reign in compulsions and desires for self and other, tow a tight line so that all may be responsible beings, and with kindness and goodness let your own generous spirit live within and without. Indeed, to be generous of spirit is to have a spirit that is generously present and active in life, but always act with a modicum of restraint. Sometimes to have restraint is the most generous thing you can do, for self and other.

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