Soulbyte for Thursday April 23, 2015

A time of conflict is ultimately a time of resolution. A time of disturbance will eventually lead to a time of calmness. All things change and evolve. Even the staunchest opponent to change will eventually change as a time of life turns a corner into death, the biggest change of all. Yet how many people contemplate death?

Death is no more than a natural changing event, no different than one day’s folding into the next, one thought’s fleeting passing into another, one form’s merging into another. Just as everything changes so does the human spirit one day leave the human form and move on into another state.

In the meantime, there is much to do and learn, not the least of which is to activate the changing self. To become a changing being volitionally is an act of love and compassion, for in deciding to change the self, to grow and spiritually evolve, each individual changes more than the self—the whole world changes too!

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