Soulbyte for Wednesday April 22, 2015

All days should be considered Earth Day, for Mother Earth deserves not only respect at all times but appreciation and careful consideration of all that she is. All that Mother Earth provides is placed there for all living beings, yet human beings have taken, pillaged, and destroyed without concern for all living organisms. What has happened without is happening within and this is not good for Mother Earth or for the human being either. A lack of respect, a disregard of the truth of interconnectedness and interdependence and the delicate balance necessary for all of life to flourish has created a dire circumstance.

For change to happen, all must be in alignment and kept in balance. All must once again return to a greater alignment with all that is, with the nature of life and the life of nature. When alignment within is achieved, alignment with all that is without will naturally fall into alignment as well. As within so without.

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