Soulbyte for Friday April 10, 2015

A warrior always studies needs, wants, and desires. What is really necessary and why? Meanwhile, a warrior knows that the ultimate goal in life is to gain enough insight and energy so as to be able to move on, to become enlightened in such way so as to not only transcend this world but to engage it in such a way as to bring forth its gifts. And so a warrior is both a student and a teacher, an apprentice of life while simultaneously garnering the energy and wisdom of a master.

These two sides of self are kept in balance at all times as the warrior travels through life eager to learn and equally eager to be an example of how to live with intent focused on the merger of these two aspects. And so a warrior is both gentle and fierce, both humble and sharply aware of each step taken on the chosen path of heart, always aware of how to learn and how to teach, by example. A warrior never ceases being curious and available for life’s adventures.

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