Soulbyte for Thursday April 9, 2015

Occupy the mind with good ideas, thoughts, and positive mantras to obliterate the old negative self. Work toward a new self involves destruction of the old, metaphorically but sometimes literally as well, as in getting rid of and breaking through old structures that stand in the way. If change is desired then change must be instituted or no change will happen.

A warrior is always on the path of change, active and proactive, taking charge, taking action, awake, alert and moving always in a direction of newness. A warrior knows that change begins in the mind and so each morning upon waking a warrior’s first action is to sweep clean the mind, to begin with empty mind, and to be certain that only positive thoughts, ideas, and truths enter it. Thus a warrior really does start each day fresh and anew.

With positive mind, a warrior is prepared to take on the challenges to be encountered, whatever they may be, even negative thoughts, without slipping back into old patterns of defeat. A warrior does not get overpowered but always enters the unfolding mystery of life with awe. A warrior always walks a path of heart with focus, determination, and wonder.

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