Soulbyte for Wednesday April 8, 2015

The warrior’s way is always in alignment with nature, for the warrior is always aware of nature’s power, intelligence, and guidance. And so a warrior is never alone but knowingly accompanied through life by forces beyond reason. Reason, a warrior knows, is limited by its belief that it has the answer to everything, but a warrior knows that reason is also a worthy player in the larger game of life and so a warrior balances between nature and reason. A warrior learns to relax, to flow with life, to look for guidance from both sides.

A warrior makes decisions based on the balance of self within the wholeness of nature. To ease through the turmoils of life a warrior lets go to the natural ways of a life of action within the confines of life in this world of reason. Yet a warrior is always focused on what is to come, where reason has no foothold and only the dictates of nature will be of aid. And so a warrior is always open and aware of everything, reasonably so of course!

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