Soulbyte for Tuesday April 7, 2015

Hoping for something will not make it happen or bring it to you. Only action will bring results. Decisions and choices are actions as much as moving and speaking out are actions. A warrior is always aware of everything, actions and inactions alike, the decision to move or stay, the choice of yes or no.

A warrior bases all decisions on remaining in alignment, in balance and in accord with the greater good. And so a warrior’s decisions, though inclusive of self—both inside and outside self—are very thoughtful, for a warrior knows that to stay in the Tao, in synch and harmony with nature, is by far the best choice of all.

To remain in the Tao is to always be at peace with everything that happens, knowing that it is right. A warrior also knows that everything happens when the time is right, for the Tao is the righting of everything, nature always setting a course correction, awaiting the warrior’s adjustment as well. Thus a warrior constantly takes action and things happen constantly too, for a warrior is aware that change is naturally a constant and that there is always the thrill of new life on the horizon, naturally, in the Tao.

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