Soulbyte for Friday March 27, 2015

The energy may be tumultuous, but notice that it is made up of many different currents and thus there are always pockets of calm. A warrior studies energy. A warrior does not act until the time is right, until the energy is in agreement, until alignment is achieved. This alignment and agreement will always further a warrior’s purpose and intent, based on a path of heart. A warrior knows that times of tumult may not be the right time to act and so a warrior waits patiently until the energy is calm and a decision is clear. Eventually, a warrior becomes so knowledgeable that every action is automatic. Without having to think about it a warrior knows what is appropriate and what is in alignment with a path of heart. A warrior also takes full responsibility for every action and so a warrior knows that to act decisively one must be in agreement with what is right. Study energy as a warrior does so that all actions on your path of heart will be right.

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