Soulbyte for Thursday March 26, 2015

All beings in the universe seek the same things. All beings are innocent, vulnerable, and deeply affected by the trials and tribulations of life. All beings are full of potential. All beings are capable of love, kindness, and compassion. A warrior is aware of these things and so a warrior does not judge others but seeks always to find the best in everyone. A warrior seeks also to exhibit the best of self, for a warrior knows that life is fleeting and to pass through quietly is far better than to pass through with a lot of noise.

A warrior’s focus is on what comes next, on amassing the energy necessary to proceed into new life beyond the confusion of this world with clarity and focus. A warrior always prepares for the inevitable in every thought, action, word, and deed. The ultimate goal of a warrior is to fully experience the energy of being alive while fully preparing for the energy of death, for a warrior knows it is the same thing.

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